Thursday, August 13, 2009

Really tired.
Baby had some family issues today, so we skipped meeting.

Work today was fine.
I made a mistake that I admitted to.
Its better to confess than to pretend nothing is wrong.

I was so tired when I got home, I slumped on my bed and couldn't get up at all.
Been standing for long hours, that's why.
So tired, I didn't have the motivation to get dinner.

So mummy loves cooked oyster mee sua without oysters but with sotong balls for me.
Sotong balls reminded me of 2 people.

First, ah tong's famous sotong ball noodles.

Second, my senior Hazlinda's holiday annoucement (I'm going to become a sotong on the beach! Don't disturb me!)

Taken with Pixon love =D

I love the camera man.
The quality's awesome, as well as the focus =D

I can borrow my digital cam to dear carrie without feeling empty XD

Oh, that's my lunch.
Fried Rice from Houseman canteen, $3 only~
Couldn't finish!

And this is taken using Pixon in Samsung shop.
Its the display set hahaha.

Living on the FM Radio now.

Rocks man!

I draw this on Pixon HAHAHA!

And I'm so glad I got it from someone precious =)

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