Tuesday, August 04, 2009


yes declaring my love again.

My silly bf actually asked if I was listening to 883fm earlier just now.
I said, I'm working, how to?

Then he forwarded me a message, and I realised my dearest orang utan dedicated a song with a message to me, telling me that its 10 days to our 3rd month, and thay he wants to hold my hand till we live an old ripe age.

Before that, when we were watching tv at my place while eating dinner, he stroked my cheek, telling me its because he accidentally elbowed me on the cab.

BTW, he did elbow me, hurts like hell, steel elbow is it kns.

Ah yes after my complaint...

He then admitted its cause he felt happiness that's why.

Ey, why my bf so cute one ah.

He elbow me of course he happy lah.
He not pain I pain okay.

I'm kidding!
BF you better don't elbow me again, twice alrd!

But nevertheless, my dear, I love you!



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