Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm feeling happy =)

Traded at least 4 pieces of my clothes for stuff that I liked.
Pretty dresses and tops.
At least I traded you know, instead of leaving them to rot!

I feel so bimbostical thinking about what to wear tomorrow night.
Having dinner at Hooters XD
OKAY now, the reason why I'm thinking what to wear is cause I hardly dress up these days.
Not because I wanna fight hooters with the hooters girls.
Its oh-so-im~possi~ti~table.

Reviews seem to be so-so.
But never hurt to try a little, since my taste buds ain't that picky.

Speaking of tastebuds,
I cooked stir fry Chee Cheong Fan for baby.

I swear its good okay.
I even marinated the prawns (ok, shrimpsssss) beforehand!
You can ask Sky Ong for truthful reviews of it.

I met up with Vaal baby at Bugis today.
Love her company, and please darling, don't feel any guilt at all!
Spending time with KKT is important =D

I was in a daze when I was on my way to Queenstown.
I just blanked.
And I continued that blankness all the way till 7pm.

My bf's is guilty so he's nice to me today.
I love it when he's feeling happy and all.

ILY Baby!

Oh, BFF dropped by BF's shop for jersey printing.
He was on the phone with me before he arrived there.
And yet he told BF to "Say hi to Jes for me later."

Act cute ah you!

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