Monday, August 24, 2009

Spent my Sunday cuddling with BF!

BF's mum cooks terrific food.
Yes I'm fatter, LALALALA!

I just woke up so I'm a little hysterical.
But okay fine, random, meaningless pictures for all to see.

(I do know my blog's boring yo XD)


History of alfredie here. (with super old unglam pictures)

I did said BF took him home.
So there he is, sitting at his bed!

Fierce like the owner, I say.

Which btw, I'm also the owner. =X

I told you,
the owner's very fierce.

But he's my mad love anyway.

I told you I nua-ed my day away!
I nua from my room to his room, still nua.

I'm very nua.

I don't know what talking me.
I'm pretty much in that high mood.

Eeyore, Alfredie and bunny~


Baby's lazy to wear contacts, so off he sent me home in his glasses.
Act only lah!

Oh, on the train to queenstown yesterday,
I saw this couple,
the guy-which btw I'm not sure is guy or~- cupped the girl's face and cooed to her.

Maybe 14 years old?

Like, throughout the train ride you know.

BF, don't do that to me I tell you!

And I have weird nightmares.
Falling from cable cars.
And my temperature was 180 degrees.

Ya, the end.
Nothing else to update.

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