Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank goodness Orhorh's well again.
All is fine now, he's doing well and swimming!

ILY rayray!

*Hugs both bf and stingray*

Just a gentle reminder to all fellow owners who are keeping Arowanas or Stingrays.
Don't change your tank water for more than 75%.
Must: Good filtration for fishes like these.

Don't change your tank water on Friday, Sat and Sun.
PUB adds alot of chlorine to our local water source which are harmful to the fishes (which means, don't drink tap water too much either ppl)

Add some Kebutan leaves in to soften water condition!

If not, may result in PH shock or chlorine burn = chances in death of fish!

Just my two cents worthed of advice.
Reason of post?
Don't want anyone to learn about these the hard way.

Arowanas and rays are beautiful animals and well, appreciate them =)

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