Monday, May 31, 2010

I've always thought:

Jeslene isn't a good cook.

Cream Pasta

But sometimes I just realise,
I can cook one!

And those who've tried my stuff are still alive & kicking, I swear.

Pan Fried Chee Cheong Fan

But recently,
I ran out of ideas on what to cook.

When i think of cooking its usually cause of the following reasons:

  1. I have no money to eat out.
  2. I am too lazy to eat out, or pack back.
  3. There are overnight food that can be reheated or recooked.
  4. Someone is hungry and doesn't want instant noodles.

So when I have no ingredients, I end up eating instant noodles lah.

Pan Fried Mee Tai Mak with overnight roasted duck lol

My mum have this habit to tell me she has this and that
(and for the picture above, she had one big pack of mee tai mak for dunnoe what reasons.)

She just expects me to cook up a storm.
So I guess that's how I end up always cooking without any help.

Its amazing I'm still alive, and not poisoned.

Baked Potatoes w Cheese

I hope BF still wants to marry me after reading this entry.

I fell sick again.
The previous flu hasn't recovered, and now another one came and attacked me.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Random Updates:

My cough is back.
I thought it would go away but noooooooo.
I've be coughing so much I didn't want to eat anything.


But un-fml for the long long weekend loves!

I went to Vivo with BF plus Leaking & Raymond.
Mainly for Daiso.
We spent like 20over bucks over there?
Storage boxes, cushions, ties, cosmetics etc.

Very blur I know.
I totally forgot my nightmode was still on.
Thus the super ugly picture.

But I'm putting this up cause my wife is chio in the purple spag.

They have got same printed berms!
Tell me lah.
Are they in love or what?

Pouting Max.
I forgot why I looked that way though.

But that face is very lol.

BF's face is blankout max.

These are not human food okay.

Fed a little to my hamsters and they are fine btw.

See? Fine!

Baby's next to-get.

Changi Airport for a quieter Saturday after a crowded Friday at Vivo City.

My hair colour is haywire.

Snacking at Ya Kun.
Staring at air stewardesses lol.

They just opened this 'Singapore's tallest slide' in Terminal 3.
Looks pretty long yes.

I wonder what would happen to my butt if the slide isn't erh, smooth sailing enough.

& here's something to make you smile =D

I'm done.
Waiting for bf to get home.
Geh, I'm so nice lol.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm supposed to sleep soon, to prevent myself from looking like bloated craziness later.

But you know lah, midnight, makes people think.

For now I'm wondering.
Why is it that I can hate someone soooooooooo much,
but end up loving him double.

We fought really badly last week.
And when I mean bad, it was really very very bad.
That was the first time I heard him say 'break up',
and honestly, I was really heartbroken even though I knew it was just words of anger.

But I'm no better lah.
I have this tendency to blurt nonsense when I get very vexed and upset.

That, I made a childish promise with him not to speak of it just cause we are in a fight.

So yesterday,
we spent our day in Jurong Point,
he went and have his hair-cut,
I went for my mini shopping.
And we went John Little together for my conditioner,
and Tori Q for my lunch.

Sounds normal to you?
I can only say I was really happy & satisfied with just this.

We spent the day cuddling to sleep, and not wanting to wake up to do our stuff.

And that completes my happiness.
Brimming with love for him.
Cheesy eh.

Don't know what's with this random entry.

I told you night destroys me!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Waiting for BF to get home from Basketball training,
so here I am, with pictures from my phone on event from last week!

(Like anyone would care but haiya lol)


After work, in the washroom LOL.
I wondered how I went through work that day.

I was coughing super badly, but still doing alot of stuff for my bosses.

Must be the dinner motivation lol.

thanks to our Yanling,
The capitaland people gathered for a dinner @

Ramen Santouka
The Central, Clarke Quay

They are famous for their Ramen, so I ordered the ramen.

Miso Ramen!
But I regretted, sorta.
Should have ordered Shoyu Ramen instead, cause I underestimated the saltiness of their Miso.

Josephine & I kept having to drink water like mad.

Gyoza FTW!
Looks fake lol.
But tastes reallllllllllly good!

Kailin & LiChung's Rice + Ramen set.

My dear Kailin didn't know what was "Fermented Beans".
Which was NATTO.

In my opinion,
Natto is like rotten beans to me lol.
I'm not a true jaaaaaaaaaaaaap if I cannot accept natto right?!

But if that's the case, I'm not a true Singaporean cause I cannot accept Durians!


Had ice cream after that,
Yanling thought the display ice cream was real, and ours.
Cause it was in brown & white,
and our order was Chocolate & Rum and Rasin.
She reached of it to realise it was fake.

"Ah? This is fake?"

I laughed.

I'm glad we still get along even after so long.

Saturday was shopping with my girls!
I searched SimLim & the whole of Tampines for the earhook of my Bluetooth Headset.
Cause I lost it after throwing a temper and throwing the headset on the floor.

& I couldn't find any.
I was told maybe the main service centre at GLS building would have it.
I had in mind this as the last resort.

Guess what?
It was under my table.
To think I almost died searching for it.

GG man, Jeslene.
I constantly remind myself not to throw anything even when I go mad or something now.

Sunday was lobstering!

Was here a year ago,
and here once again,

"Time passes so fast lah."

She was here with me last year too!

Yours truly asked for a bait from BF and went lobstering as well,
instead of staying in the shade.

The lobsters hate me.
They grab my bait, then refuse to come out from their hideouts no matter what.

I'm not like BF,
he pro.

What happened to me?
You'll see.

Headed back to BF's house to rest and shower.

I tested the other hamsters and realised 2 of them doesn't bite!

I'm in love <3

I kept showing everyone the hamsters.
Made BF play with them for a while,
made Raymond introduce himself to them (Okay, I didn't make him, he did it out of his own will hor)

Baby SunHocks!

We trained back to Leaking's place to set her stuff down, and cabbed to 201 for dinner!

Dinner was sucky, btw.

Made a star out of tissue and made bf take a photo with it.
See his unwilling face?

Check out my tan lines =.=
I'm black like crazy now!

Workworkwork tomorrow!

I slept all day today, due to the monthly killer period.
But now I'm tired again.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reason for lack of updates:

I fell sick.
Refer to entry below.

Yes after that incident the fever continues to haunt me, even till now.
Right now I'm waiting for my sore throat to go off as well.

So here's a very late update, about last Sunday's birdpark trip,
Also my anniversary thing lah.

(& also the day I tio the eerie encounter, and I might be carrying the whatever that's why I was aching all over.)

I want one.
Snow Owl!

I also want this one.
My wife!

Loads of african fishes!
Reproduction is an amazing thing.


Ah, this one I also want.

I know Raymond looks like a mickey mouse lol.

Tong, is that you!?

Tong, you're in plushie form!

Peacock Peasant, I think?
I just thought its cute.
Look at the featherssssss!

It was inside this enclosed area where the Birdpark actually have scheduled thuderstorms inside.

Man made thunderstorms lah.

BF< can you get down for a picture?

Ah there.

The sunlight overexposed this picture.
Leaking please don't kill me.

My hair looked like hightlights.

The Ostrich & The BF.
So loving hor.

We got raped by Lories in the Lory Loft.

We bought 2 cups of feed for fun, and this is the result.

You have them all over your bodies.
And they bite, btw.

Don't ask me why this expression.
I looked overly delighted.

Short entry I know!
I was too tired to edit pictures,
and there were alot of things that happened.

So now I'm letting things simmer.

I got angry once so I threw my bluetooth set on the floor.
Nothing happened to the bluetooth,
but I lost the earhook, and after searching SimLim Sq, & almost the whole of Tampines
with the same answer "Go Jurong East Samsung Service Centre to buy"

I found it under my desk.

This shows: Never throw stuff that have detachable parts when you're angry.


But I found it now,
so Un-Fml.