Monday, May 17, 2010

Okay, I mentioned on twitter & fb that I met something eerie.

It sure was.

Acty this post should be about the birdpark trip my friends & bf & I went.
But this eerie suddenly just barged in and I was like now it makes sense.

2 days ago I had a dream.
I dreamt that I was in Aussie, & that Tong was with me.
We were with another girl, who I think her name is Amanda.
She told her she's going to another state with her BF.
So Tong & I went somewhere else with Forever 21 around.
It was very detailed, cause I even remembered about what I wanted to buy in F21.

Then out of nowhere, Amanda called/messaged me, either one I can't remember.
Telling me her BF is dead and she doesn't know what happened.
The next thing I remember was that she mms me three pictures:

Her bf's bloody face and his face in the coffin.

I told Tong we should go back now.
I asked her if we should fly back to SG, or back to the state where we landed.

Then okay, I sorta jumped scenes and I dreamt of something else after.

I woke up,
and went out.

In the birdpark,
I suddenly felt faint.
I thought it was the sun.

Then all of a sudden, I felt the aching in my back.
& my legs and neck and a giddy spell in my head.

I thought it was cause of the heavy bag I was carrying.
Leaking then carried it for me.
It wasn't any better.

In fact it got worse.
I was feeling so faint, I couldn't give a side glance.
I was afraid I would black out, but I didn't lah.

So okay we took a bus back to Jurong Point,
And I was trying my very best to walk back to BF's house so I could finally get some rest.
My body was aching to an extreme, I don't even know how to describe it.
It was like my bones will fall apart? Aiya.

Back in BF's house,
I slumped on his bed and out of nowhere, a fever came up.
Thinking it was the Sun again, I downed panadols.
Didn't work.

Magically the feeling disappeared after I got on the train & back in Tampines.
I had appetite all over again.

BF was worried about me and such.
And being me, after such a dream, I by instinct was worried for his safety after he sent me home and took the train back to Jurong.

So I called him,
he told me the train was at Lakeside.
His voice was smiley & cheerful.

10 Mins later, I called him again to save him the trouble of having to call me & tell me to call back.

He threw a temper at me.
He was scolding vulgarities, saying that he felt like I was doing a spot check on him.
I told him I was just worried for him since that dream.

My dreams are very scary. I dreamt of relatives who passed on
and when I told my parents they would always be shocked
cause it links with stories that I have never heard about.
I once dreamt that my Grandmother told me she found her mum and she's gonna leave with her.
Told my mum and she was shocked "How did you know she was looking for her mum's grave all these while?"
& this is not all. But that'll come another story.

Back to my bf.
I told him I was worried.
And he knew about how eerie my dreams are.
And he went: if you are so good in dreaming then go and dream like its work to you lah!

I was very shocked and being very upset, I hung up on him.

When he reached home & after a shower,
he called me to apologise.
He told me his mum was alone at home and she felt very weird, like someone was watching her.
Then he told me that there's something around in the house.
And through the phone, I heard his radio suddenly turned LOUD & SOFT again and again.

My BF didn't touch it.

He also informed me that his Arowana turned pale.
Arowanas are considered one of the Fengshui fishes.
I believe that cause there were quite a few cases I encountered where the owner's loved ones was in critical illness and their Arowanas jump out of their tanks and commit suicide.

No joke.

You can check online.

I asked him,
do you remember what you said just now?
Why the sudden burst of temper?

He swore to me he couldn't remmeber AT ALL.
I reminded him about some of the words he threw at me.
But he couldn't recall.

We decided to leave the matter as it is.

So I tried to sleep.
As I was drifting off to lala land,
I heard a male voice talking to me in my ear.

I think he said something like:
I won't let you be good.
In chinese.

I don't know if I was too tired or what lah.
Maybe it was an illusion.
But I remembered pulling the necklace my late grandmother gave me out and place it on my chest.

& suddenly i fell deep asleep.
With tons of dreams again.

My mum came in and asked if BF & I were okay.
She saw me crying last night.
I told her everything, and she realised the fever came up again.

I know there's alot of people who doesn't believe in such stuff.

I didn't too, until I had my very own encounters.
Not once, but multiple times already.

I'm a free thinker,
so I respect all kinds of religion.
Mum is a buddist, dad is a christian.

All I wrote in this entry may sum up to me being suspicious & all.
I myself don't know.

But I don't wanna think anymooooooooooooore.

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