Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hope everyone had a good rest yesterday since its Labour Day!

BF took the day off to enjoy this holiday with us =D

But instead of resting well at home lol, we went under the sun to:

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve!

Uh, yeah we went to get in touch with the nature...?

the journey is actually quite okay.
But you'll have to have the patience to walk & walk for at least 2-3hours.
It's quite a chore, especially when the sun is merciless.

But with friends, things are always better!

Just that I did some blood donation to the mosquitoes there.
Okay, not some, ALOT.

We saw this brother sleeping nearby when we were refilling our bottles at the water cooler.
Without a care in the world.

I live in a crab's hole!

I look very very pale O.o
Must be the lights.

This is the perfect posture for one to push her bf into the pond.

I didn't, of course.

Upon the entrance of the park, a long bridge led us towards the greenery.
BF was very happy to see big archer fishes.

A very nice weather, hot and sunny.

I'm a fish!
We are fishes!
What are we?

Actually I forgot the english name for it.
Wait ah, I check:

Okay, don't know lah!
Want to know? GO SUNGEI BULOH!

(Actually I'm just lazy. My bf is working now so I'll ask later hahaha)

We swim round round baby round round.
(Jes gets giddy)

BF's arm beside my head!

More scenery pictures:

We see no birds though =(
Only spotted a Pelican.

But the view is superb.

We kept anticipating crocs to appear.
And in the end, we did saw one small sized croc.
And we turned on our heels and erh, decided not to disturb the boss lol.

We got abit lost in the park, and by the time we manage to figure the way out, we were half dead.

But BF brought us over to a fish pond next to to the park:

& I saw this giant pacu.
half a metre long?
Pacus are relatives of Piranhas btw.
We have one at home XD


You can't really see, but its a 3 metre long Arapaima.
The largest known freshwater fish.
Raymond threw a coin in and the coin hit its head.

It didn't move at all.

Small Koi farm!

After which, we all tried to get a cab.
But none was in sight.
We called the cab hotlines.
And they said bookings were full.
We kept listening to the hold tones lalala for 30mins or so?

So Jeslene GPRS-ed for Trans Cab's number,
and FINALLY got ourselves a booking that would arrive in 20mins.
But we saw a cab soon after and canceled it.

Cabbed to bf's place,
had a quick shower and off we went to Downtown East E-Hub's Cathay for:

The movie which I used to think was I-P (Alphabets) Man (gender).
Aye Pi Man.

I didn't watch the first movie,
but the 2nd movie still kept me anticipating for the next move.
And Jeslene, as usual, kept winching at every OUCHOMGWTFHEDAIS! moment.
Poor BF might be better off sitting alone instead of having his gf grabbing onto his jacket every once in a while.

No spoilers, but go watch it!

Ended the day with some dinner and hooooooooooome after!

BF was too tired, so I told him I can get home myself.
We took the train towards Joo Koon together and when the pa announced Tampines as the next station, he groaned.

"Why so fast reach Tampines!"

Its my awwwwww moment. lol.


This is not a filler entry, finally XD

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