Friday, May 14, 2010

10 things I love about Sky ODL:

1) You learned to be a camwhore cause I AM ONE!

I remembered you used to give me the blur look when I lift my camera up for a picture,
But now?
you strike a pose LOL.

2) You always look super duper eggcited when there's something you're really excited about.

Refer to picture above.
Ice Cream = Toppings chosen by Sky = Jeslene's paying

= Excited.

I love how your expression shows everything XD
BUT! Anger not included thanks ah.

3) You love animals as much as I do.

You love my babies!
And I love the way you always play with my dog & hamsters XD

4) You take something from my room so that you have a piece of me in yours.

Did you take my Alfredie cause of the above reason,
or is it just an EXCUSE to bring my cute stuff home?!

5) You'll never complain that my cooking is bad.

Self explanatory.
I hope you won't get poisoned by my cooking!

(ps: will work hard to keep sunny side up sunny, and not broken T^T)

6) You bring me everywhere you go.

Fishing everywhere, may it be a jetty, a park, or a fishing pond,
You'll bring me where ever its possible.

I've probably seen stuff that tons of people have not in their lives.

7) You find the stuff I thought was funny, funny.

I laughed over the curly fries cause I said it resembles facebook's relationship status,
Its complicated.

At least you laughed.
If not I really am gonna seem dummmmmmmmmmmmmb.

Then again, I'm pretty silly lah.

8) You always make sure I'm not bored while you're doing something else.

Like that time in Pasir Ris Park,
while you were fishing, you gave me a fishing line so that I could play.

I bet you're proud of me cause I caught a few fishes.

9) You eat damn alot.

Uh well, you polish up my leftovers,
and I can always order a few different dishes to try without having to worry we won't be able to finish it.

And eat more,
more energy!

Men is always better to be strong.

& not like you ain't exercising lah.

10) You like to surprise me.

Thank you for the lovely fragrance baby!
I love it!
& you actually took the effort to test around for the perfect one for me.

And you actually remembered that I wanted to get a new fragrance despite being so so busy with your life!

Happy <3

Life is catching up with us.
We're no longer as carefree as we were in the first few months of our relationship.
You're working, so am I.

But what makes us secured,
is the way we always think about each other.
The way we always ask each other opinions before making a decision.
& the way we make time for each other despite being really tired.

Unless some couples around us,
we don't stay at each others' house often.
We don't see each other all the time.
I remembered being insecure because I get to meet you enough.

But we've thus came so far.

We fight ever so often.
But being able to quarrel is better than keeping everything inside and not letting each other know.

Okay, I'm done being serious,
So I'm not gonna type serious stuff anymore lah!

I would have listed more stuff I love about you, but hor I'll flood my blog!

I love your butt btw! <3

I'm writing this entry while doing chocolate mask.
I can't laugh or smile!
So erhhhh...

If you wnana marry me, please hoooooooor.
Be nice to me!
If not I'll eat your stingray up.
I'll stew Snowy the rabbit.
I'll panfry all your birds.

Or maybe I can let my mum do the job lol!

But if you're nice to me,
I promise I'll love you, now, and till forever.


Happy 1st Anniversary my dearest baby!

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