Sunday, May 30, 2010

Random Updates:

My cough is back.
I thought it would go away but noooooooo.
I've be coughing so much I didn't want to eat anything.


But un-fml for the long long weekend loves!

I went to Vivo with BF plus Leaking & Raymond.
Mainly for Daiso.
We spent like 20over bucks over there?
Storage boxes, cushions, ties, cosmetics etc.

Very blur I know.
I totally forgot my nightmode was still on.
Thus the super ugly picture.

But I'm putting this up cause my wife is chio in the purple spag.

They have got same printed berms!
Tell me lah.
Are they in love or what?

Pouting Max.
I forgot why I looked that way though.

But that face is very lol.

BF's face is blankout max.

These are not human food okay.

Fed a little to my hamsters and they are fine btw.

See? Fine!

Baby's next to-get.

Changi Airport for a quieter Saturday after a crowded Friday at Vivo City.

My hair colour is haywire.

Snacking at Ya Kun.
Staring at air stewardesses lol.

They just opened this 'Singapore's tallest slide' in Terminal 3.
Looks pretty long yes.

I wonder what would happen to my butt if the slide isn't erh, smooth sailing enough.

& here's something to make you smile =D

I'm done.
Waiting for bf to get home.
Geh, I'm so nice lol.

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