Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reason for lack of updates:

I fell sick.
Refer to entry below.

Yes after that incident the fever continues to haunt me, even till now.
Right now I'm waiting for my sore throat to go off as well.

So here's a very late update, about last Sunday's birdpark trip,
Also my anniversary thing lah.

(& also the day I tio the eerie encounter, and I might be carrying the whatever that's why I was aching all over.)

I want one.
Snow Owl!

I also want this one.
My wife!

Loads of african fishes!
Reproduction is an amazing thing.


Ah, this one I also want.

I know Raymond looks like a mickey mouse lol.

Tong, is that you!?

Tong, you're in plushie form!

Peacock Peasant, I think?
I just thought its cute.
Look at the featherssssss!

It was inside this enclosed area where the Birdpark actually have scheduled thuderstorms inside.

Man made thunderstorms lah.

BF< can you get down for a picture?

Ah there.

The sunlight overexposed this picture.
Leaking please don't kill me.

My hair looked like hightlights.

The Ostrich & The BF.
So loving hor.

We got raped by Lories in the Lory Loft.

We bought 2 cups of feed for fun, and this is the result.

You have them all over your bodies.
And they bite, btw.

Don't ask me why this expression.
I looked overly delighted.

Short entry I know!
I was too tired to edit pictures,
and there were alot of things that happened.

So now I'm letting things simmer.

I got angry once so I threw my bluetooth set on the floor.
Nothing happened to the bluetooth,
but I lost the earhook, and after searching SimLim Sq, & almost the whole of Tampines
with the same answer "Go Jurong East Samsung Service Centre to buy"

I found it under my desk.

This shows: Never throw stuff that have detachable parts when you're angry.


But I found it now,
so Un-Fml.

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