Sunday, May 09, 2010

Okay, so we went for the monthly fishing yesterday.
And I said something I shouldn't!
More later.

Okay so I waited for Leaking at MDIS Douby Campus as she was taking her math & english test before she starts her diploma.
I sat there for like 1 hour?
No one cared of course lol.

Was supposed to meet BF at Lavender, then head to get his stuff together.
But due to Leaking's exam, we met at the market for lunch.
Beef noodles & Cheese fries are HEAVENLY~

You know KFC likes their fries thin and long?
I like the fries to be the zigzaggy thick kind!

We cabbed to Whitesands to get drinks and tidbits,
and settled down at our usual spot!
BF's sis & her bf came to join us for fishing too!

It started raining not long after,
but we were under a large umbrella, so we only had to shield ourselves a little.
Tested, rpoven, my 5bucks floral umbrella is very useful lol.

And soon BF got his first catch:

Which Leaking & I laughed our heads off.
It was a baby fish lol.
BF throw it into the fish storage basket to "punish it cause it nibbled on my bait"

Then we laughed again cause ANOTHER baby fish came up.
Twice in a row lol.
Leaking said its "Opening Ceremony lah!"

And indeed it was true.

Throughout the whole 3hours,
it kept raining, stopping, raining and stopping.

But BF's catches were plentiful:

Catches after catches,
and few released their bites tho! =(

BF was very satisfied.
But he got drenched in the rain lah.

Okay here comes the Grouper.

Happened like this:
I saw a guy reeled in a Grouper.
Apparently in this pond, Groupers are considered somewhat of a rarer catch.
Cause they like to lay around at the bottom of the pond.

So I told BF:

"B, I want I Grouper! If you are not able to reel in one, I won't marry you!"

And freaking hell after I said that,

Leaking was sooooooooooooooooo excited.
She's gonna marry me off now.
Realised BF only took a picture with this Grouper?

He kept telling me I cannot run already.

And the rest of the day,
Leaking & BF & Raymond couldn't stop teasing me.

Even after we got home, Leaking practically pounced on my mum to tell the news.

I went to hide in my room.


Home, and after a shower, we headed towards Japanese Village @ Tampines Swimming Complex.

But utterly disappointed.
There was a queue waiting outside, so we joined.
But actually, there's only a couple in front of us, and before them was a large group.
Maybe 10?

I understand that they have to make space for the group.
But there were alot of uncleaned tables inside.
We waited for quite a bit, no one bothered to come out & ask about us,
or even clean the tables.

BF got a little fed up, and went in to ask about the tables.
One of the staffs replied "Some customers have to wait for 1 hour for their food even!"

Yes, you guys are very busy.
But take a min to tell us that seats are fully occupied and that food can't be served on time, difficult?
Secondly, Nihon Mura aka Jap Village, are proud of their converyor sushi.
So why can't you seat us down, and let us enjoy your sushi first while waiting for food?

Yes its a Saturday, and the eve of Mother's Day.
Busy & full, I expected it.
But did Nihon Mura expected that and noted that you'll need more manpower on that day?
I don't know!

Better to wait inside, than sweating outside you know.

I know I'm nagging and being the typical Singaporean - Complaint Complaint.
But I hardly do these.

We had to cab to somewhere else for dinner.
& yes I feedbacked to them.
The last time I complaint about a restaurant was 2 or 3 years ago.
Hans, cause they were renovating & drilling in their kitchen ceiling while the chef was cooking underneath.

Change of topic,

ILY Mummy!

Yes thats my ihateshowersbutlovethesensationsafterit dog & my mum.

We got carnations for mummy last night.
She's happy lol.

Got ntuc vouchers for BF's mum, & 2 grandmothers too.
His mum said she loves me lol.

Abrupt end of entry.
Typing a decent entry on the netbook is a chore kyaaaaa.

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