Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm supposed to sleep soon, to prevent myself from looking like bloated craziness later.

But you know lah, midnight, makes people think.

For now I'm wondering.
Why is it that I can hate someone soooooooooo much,
but end up loving him double.

We fought really badly last week.
And when I mean bad, it was really very very bad.
That was the first time I heard him say 'break up',
and honestly, I was really heartbroken even though I knew it was just words of anger.

But I'm no better lah.
I have this tendency to blurt nonsense when I get very vexed and upset.

That, I made a childish promise with him not to speak of it just cause we are in a fight.

So yesterday,
we spent our day in Jurong Point,
he went and have his hair-cut,
I went for my mini shopping.
And we went John Little together for my conditioner,
and Tori Q for my lunch.

Sounds normal to you?
I can only say I was really happy & satisfied with just this.

We spent the day cuddling to sleep, and not wanting to wake up to do our stuff.

And that completes my happiness.
Brimming with love for him.
Cheesy eh.

Don't know what's with this random entry.

I told you night destroys me!

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