Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 2012!

Im late, but well, better late than never lol.

2012 is here, and 2011, well, wasnt a good year.
I went through major changes in my life, in terms of work, social circle and emotions.

But whatever it is, every new year I tell myself, forget it, the stuff that happened in last year happened last year. 2012 - lets make it better!

2012 has just started, so here are some backdated stuff:

First, Im on my permanent contacts.
I feel... weird. lol.
But it gave me some problems so I'm gonna return them to the opticians and ask for some help!

When I came back from long holidays after christmas, this was what greeted me - an entire ant colony, within my desk partition.

I was beyond shocked.

They even have eggs inside! (See those yellowish stuff? yeah)

We ended up having to dismantle the entire thing and spam Bygone. ZZZ.
And wash the whole thing, and cough, we do it all at one shallow sink. T^T

Last December, we welcomed a new family member - An african grey parrotlet!
Coincidentally, same age as Baby the bunny.

And oh, this parrot's name is baby too haha.
No creativity tsk.

The little one has grown alot since then, and now knows how to perch!
Comes running to me (cant fly yet) when I'm around.

But I cant help but chant this whenever it tries to perch on me: DONTSHITDONTSHITDONTSHIT.


And we lost a family member :(
Xiao Hei, the Motoro Stingray left us on Sunday.
I cried throughout the entire time as I watch him stop breathing.

BF and I got him when he was just 6inches long.
He was nearly double the length when he died.


Did anyone said Bunny?

This is Baby - 5 weeks old.

And 6 weeks old...

And this is Baby - 12 weeks old, meaning my little one is exactly 3 months old =)

See how much she's grown?

She came running to me when I called for her that day, i swear I was so overjoyed I wanted to scream to the entire world OMG I HAVE SUCH A CUTE BUNNY.

Maternal instincts, I blame.

Okay, abrupt end.

Hi 2012! <3