Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Today is a peaceful, yet bored day. I acty decided to do some maths and get the main points out of social studies. I've been reading old conan mangas the whole day. Rain was making itself known by getting heavier each second. The house was dark, the room was dark. And i didn't bothered to switch on the lights.

I started staring at the ceiling. What a nice weather to get into a daze. There's no one at home at all, so it was rather quiet. My dog was a little afraid of the dark weather, so he squeezed past the kitchen gates and sashayed into my room. Haha...

The more people around you, the lonelier you'll get when they leave.


Was feeling kinda lonely, but I guess it's all right, I'll be fine. =)

It's just sometimes, I would wonder, had I made the right decision for my life. I'm not uncertain, but still, doubts still came. Like my music career, my friends, him. Never mind I'll get those insercurity out this moment.

Im hungry now lolz.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Yay, im back to update after a much scary experience. I know it might sound weird, but i got scared by a huge unknown flying insect. Just now, like, 5 mins ago.

I stared at it, wad a huge, amazing insect which I had never seen before, but sadly, it had to DIE. I grabbed the pesticide from my room. *ever since the last incident of a bee like insect, i think i wrote it in my blog too. lol.* And kor asked me to spray at it, but eh, it landed on TOP of my room's door, and I couldn't reached, So i GRINNED~ at my kor. All right, he sprayed at it and it flew around, i got scared when it was beside me and erh, I acty tripped over my living room's table with a bang.

"You own house you also get tripped!?" Says kor with a dorts look.

Heh heh heh. Okie, so it flew and landed on the floor with a crash. So.... so... er xin. We took a closer look, but we dunnoe wad thing it is. Gave up, threw it into the dustbin.

Earlier this afternoon when Kor came home, he brought two friends also, one gurl who i believed named Ivy and A guy i think i remember. Lol... I was singing karaoke, Kor said i was noisy, i ignored of course. But his frens sat there on the floor and listened two songs throughout, so i said it was my person concert LOL!. Im kidding k?

Yesterday i went to vocal elssons, as usual. Was feeling a little tired, but I went anyways... To realise.....

There's onli me and denson, and this guy i forgot him name, okie im bad. Andrew came afterwards, but well, that meant the class of 7 has only four today. *shrugs* Wilson [my dear instructor] stated that yesterday was acty the last lesson of the second stage, which means a exam thingie on the very day. Perform a song and then get commented. I din know about that. Next lesson gotta choose a fast song, i guess no problems. ^^

I was darn high yesterday for some unknown reason. When Denson started singing a Wu Si Kai song, i kept going OO~ OU XIANG! He dorts at me. He seldom dorts at me okieeee. I choose Tao Jing Ying's Jie Jie Mei Mei Zhan Qi Lai.

Then i realised im scolding all the guys in the class, note, the class has onli one gurl, which is poor lil me. Lol. Denson wanted to murder me already. Hahaha...

Okie, i miss everyone, someone plz ask me out, im too free.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Today i start work at 2pm! So shuang wahahahhaa.... But time passed really fast, I din really get what i was doing at work. *shrugs*

After work, i saw a couple of things that I thought might be weird. Firstly... I saw this girl, who's like, 1 1/2 my size, with white blonde hair. It was... erh...... shining in the night. I thought it was kinda scary though. Jane suggested for me to dye that colour. I immediately told her, I can go Pink, Blue or even WHITE, i die die dun wan blonde. Come on, imagine, BLONDE? ME?

*jes waves the image away*

Then on the way back four cars of the same kind zoomed passed me. VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.


Sweats. ^^;


Yesterday was that guy's bdae, I din give him anything, much to my adelene's disappointment. I just... well, called him. HEY, overseas called is darn darn darn expensive okay?!

I just realised i am digging my own grave. Expensive still ask him to call. Okay, hypotise myself [He's rich he's rich he's rich...] Ohmmmmmmmm.... WAIT, wrong again, I don't need to hypotise myself, he IS rich anywae.

Im not in the wrong, yeah? yeaaaaaaah?!

Crappy me.

Adelene's digging details on what i told him yesterday. Come on, I just said: "Happie bdae! YEAAAA~ You're OLDDDDD! Lao ren!"

Reply was:" Ben nu ren."

*shrugs* That simple. Yup. *i can feel adelene glaring at me* OH FINE. I ended off with a ai ni~~ like i always did to my friends, and I hung up.

Happie? *i think i saw xuan, jus, marc, ade and yan nodding happily*


Im going offfffffffff!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

I wonder why I have so mani ppl visiting me today, feels like Im a monkey or rather, hamster from the zoo. O_o I have my dearest xuan, soon after, Yvonne, then, Amie, theeeen~ At night, I saw vanessa. Lolz....

Special thanks to dearest Xuan aka Joelle. =) I love the prezzie, it's cute ^^

Work today yet again, well well well, what else can I say? Lolz... I dunnoe. I was commented by him, by my friends, by my workmates that.....

Im not romantic enough.

Like heeeeey~ that's not true, I ammm! Just that i don't show it. But then again. *glares at him* with that kinda person, who in the world can show the romantic side? *shakes head*

I was having a chat with my stupid adrian yesterday night. He insisted I should stay the way I am, cuz im HUGGABLE. What kinda stupid reason is that? Man, I dun wanna stay huggable, im not anyone's pillow, shoulder yes, pillow? I doubt. Hmm, maybe i should open a factory that make pillows like me. *I juz realised im lame, sorrie*

Im bored, i dunnoe wad to do now, later or tomolo. I just know I have work on Sat and Sun. How... lifeless. *shrugs* I guess i need somethings to bother me. But then again, I do have those things, just that I din want to discuss much.

I went to kbox with ChinYen and Wenqi on Tuesday. Started with a lunch at swensons lolz, and then my dear qiqi was late again. Im soo used to it. lolz. Okie, it was 2pm to 9pm singing. Craziness. Qiqi almost took the place as a bedroom, so good to slp. But then, Winshern came in after work and totally killed the atmosphere. He's nuts, serious. But he cracked me up. Now he has to put me back into shape, okie, im lame again.

Went for dinner after that, Fish and Co. ^^ Wendy and WanYing came to meet us, feels like the old times. ^^ I was so tired afterwards, with a sore sore throat. >_<

All right, im going to leave it here. I dunnoe wad to type. Lolz...

Xuan, glad u've looked upon and over it. *huggies*

Nights ppl!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday friday.. wad a sians day... I wanted to go to kbox, no one agreed. Haizzz~

That adelene pulled me out with adrian, suppsoing to discuss that seven4teen project, but well ozzzzzzz... That woman named adelene changed it into a shopping spree as soon as i arrived =.= Adrian was dragged. Alan, u better be happie u're overseas =.= We met Gina on the way to heeren or rather, in the car la, traffic light stop, saw her.

She's pregnant O_O okie.... same age as me, but pregnant already.

I almost fell asleep in the car, I was darn tired....

Can i say my mood was spoilt today?