Saturday, September 30, 2006

I wish someone will enlighten me what's happening around. Everyone who is moody, please cheer up rights?
Yes yes, ladies and gent, yesterday was my birthday celebrations/steamboat. Everything turned out quite fine, or rather, great!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Huihui, who cleaned the dishes for us lazy pigs. Thank a whole bunch, u deserve an extra credit! XD

Here are pictures!

Carrie came to look for me in the morning! And sorry i'm looking ugly with that siglap pe shirt.

Thank you thank you carrie! For making an effort to come my house before nata de coco fair! Love ya!

At hui's room, with ah tong hugging her favourite Dumbo *is tt how u spell that?*

So i decided to take another photo with kailin, and the enlarged version of the flipping ears doggie!

After steamboat already: We decided to take group fotos, but sadly Hui is busy with dishes. Sniff.
This one ended quite proper too.
Then everything turned bersek. Insanity overrules. Look at liyan's gesture, I guess she must be reaching towards the sky.

Then I got murdered by the dog.

And so on and so forth. LOL.

You are caught in candid camera!

The presents receieved and the card Yan drew for me. Thaat hair band and that off shoulder. I guess Yan is setting that as my sig. look. >_<

Thank you ladies for all the presents and cards!

Huihui for her polka dotties hairband and earrings! Tong for her I-told-you-don't-buy-liao earrings and cake-which-is-still-in-chiller, attached with xue ze's wonderful potrait! Carrie for her I-insist-it-is-fresh-water-pearls earrings! Thie three gurls all bought earrings for me lol. Do i really look like I love earrings so much?

Kailin for the drawer~ I know u think I'm messy la, indeed I am. LOL. And lastly Yan and Leaking's pair of wedges sandals which I tot was glam when I went to POA. And the card! I finally know how .... er.... different I look in sec sch and now.

Thank you thank you! The steamboat was great, the ppl are wonderful and the whole trip is so happy. Altho I fell down twice, which resulted in or-cheh on my knee~ XD

I love ya all!

Friday, September 29, 2006

To Me: Happy Birthday!

Okay, now it's 12.12am in Singapore. September 29th, I'm officially 18. Yet I have no feelings of being 18 until that brat of mine called me. Haha. Okay, got to admit he made me happy but well, I tend to wander off to gao wai yu.

How? XD

You can't blame me for making this manip, cuz I was freaking bored, so i was thinking ahh why not make a bdae present for myself.


Having steamboat at hui's hosue today to celebrate. =) I love my gurls. It doesn't matters if there's presents or not la, lol. I mean I really missed them. I missed CARRIE too. I miss peiyun and gang also.

12.26am, I'm feeling happy!


Oo, btw, Kun sent me a picie of his son aka my god-nephew Jin Xing:

CUTE AAR XD He has Kun's eyes~~! He actually said dun end up like him, 18years old be father, but looking at Jin Xing, i wish I have a son too.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

something is really wrong with Cbox. Gotta repair it.

UPDATE: Suddenly it's all right again. I wonder what's happening. Ah tong and mine are okay now. can change whatever nickname u want, but do try not to, in case problem repeats. Hui's tagboard is not okay yet tho. Juz hope everything will turn fine lata.

Latest news:

ITE exam results will be out on the 4th of Oct, Wednesday at 9am. Students can check their results using the Student Portal.

Closing Date of Appeal to Review Exam Results: 13 Oct

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Went Harbourfront and Sentosa yesterday cause Hui wants to give aaron a surprise at his work place in Sentosa... So being lol friends, we went with her. I know Ah tong was too happy that I insisted on eating yoshinoya.

So here are some pictures, cuz it'll be a long entry because of the amount of pictures. =))

Jes and Hui, with her beautiful curls! At yoshi! =)

The three of us, at sentosa already.

Waiting for Aaron to get off work... So we observed animals and I ka jiaoed the both of them.

This freaking HUGE grasshopping flew past our heads, so near to us. Scared me. =.=

No words can describe how much I like this photo. Such a artistic pose of Tong's.

Yooo~ ^^

Lizard or whatever it is/ Cute yet... not?

TOM YAM SOUP! Tong took my camera with her yesterday, so we met up today for lunch. Went to the Thai resturant inWhitesands. Not too bad. But soup is too hot to handle. >_< And thus resulting in playing with camera. My hair actually looks long here.

Tong tong tong! ^^

Weirdly ugly picture. Putting up for the fun of it.
Tong and the tom yam soup and a crumpled tissue paper beside. Lol.

On the way to the bus stop, decided to be abnormal for once. I name this "Jes ate sourplum."

While waiting for the bus, Tong and I decided to try out twit speaking and twit poses.

Dis ishhx deex FoToxXs NeHxS XD

Pose 1: Show how V shaped your chin can be. Or cover a pimple using your fingers.

Pose 2: Think the blog is too noisy? Try this.

Pose 3: Act innocent, so that when your ezlink card runs out of money, driver uncle/auntie will let you board the bus still.

Pose 4: Small eyes big eyes all o-----kay~
Pose 5: Act cookCool. Ah tong looks scarie.



Okay, im running away. Too long this entry. I shall update something else next time.


Monday, September 25, 2006

I shall hereby annouce the theme of the day:



I went for sakae buffet with Kailin and Huihui, tong didn't go cuz her cute dentist gave her a sweet toothache. Lol, so she met us only at 5.30pm. We were extremely full, but we kept laughing and laughing, until we really cannot make it. We said things about......

Well, my gurls know who. It's about a topic that's regarding erh..... Dental Care. *woo hoo!*

Then as I was exclaiming about how hot takizawa hideaki was *my eri daughter, plz dun shake ur head lol* Huihui, who agreed with how nosebleeding takki could be, suddenly said this in the lift at my block.

"Does takki shaves his legs?"

O_O I couldn't stop laughing. I was juz going "Whoever, whichever man sha-shaves hi-his legs.... HAHAHAHHAHA." I juz couldn't stop laughing. I think the lift was shaking with our laughter.

Cannot make it la. I almost vomited my food out. Then we were in my house, laughing over Takki's wonderful drawing of a praying mantis in Hey3 again.

Tackey & Tsubasa = Drawing cannot make it laaa...

I think I'm going to influence my girls with my takki fever, just like when I influence them with the Yamapi and Mike He fever. They from don't know who are they, until they know their height and weight. Haha, thanks to me of course, or maybe not thankful at all.


Sakae...... We ate those plates in 5 mins or so. We are such hungry piggies.
Huihui's very famous fingers. Sorry to that guy behind, didn't mean to shoot you with my phone cam. LOL.
Takki oh takki, why are you so happy? Was it because Huihui is going to blog about u? HAHAHHAA.
This is before I went for the haircut. I was thinking. Im going to cut my hair finally, before I bye bye that hair, take a final picture. >_< AAAANNNNNND. Presenting the aftermath. LOL. I don't know, looks weird to me. My hairstylist huihui and kailin says it look all right tho.

WAAAAA. I shall wait for hui to blog about hot bods. LOL. I kept admitting to Tong that I'm a slut...... XD Tomolo going to have a suprise. HAHA.

Run ah!


Should be: Cannot make it ahhh!

Oh yes, happie anniversery to ah ze and I. Congrats congrats. LOL.

Shall I make a wish list? Let's seeeeeeee....

I want.....

Alfred the original?
A new guess wallet? XD the one I saw today was wooo~
Watermelon? =D
Clothes? tho i dunnoe wad. No lingerie and nightdresses allowed lol.
Straightening clip? Something like huihui's curling one?
Spa Voucher? HAHAHA.
A full makeup kit set completed with various eyeshadow colours?


........Takki kun?


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Warning: This is turning into a photo entry Hahahaa...

Went to BUGIS again. AGAIN yesterday~ Well counting, I've been to bugis for the third time yesterday. Qi and Yen was bored, so they dragged me out at 4pm. Lolz... Wendy was there with us too. It's just that she wasn't feeling emotionally great at the start. Had a fight with her bf I think.

We were on the mrt train when we saw this few guys with HUGE SPIKEY PINK HAIR! And they were wearing Rock jackets. Feels like Jap Hard Rock. But well.......~ That guy with the spikey hair accidentally hit the roof of the train when he was walking out of the door tho. >_<

Walked around, trying to decide what to eat, ended up at V8 again. *curry, v8 again lo =.=* We took some pics too, but I didn't get the change to scan anything yet. Argh. So here goes, some pics from my phone.

Qi and Me~ Sheesh, I look freakingly fat beside her. XD
I was just exclaiming to them that my phone can take a picture of four of us when theirs couldn't. Turned out my arm was shaking cuz I strained it. Hahaha.
Yen and I, yet I don't know why she's so blurred while im so clear. *shrugs*
Ah qi ah qi~ What's with that pout and rolling of eyes?
Back home, with Alfredie. Yeah I just decided a second ago I'm naming it Alfredie. Alfred lookie alike is too long for a name. XD

I'm currently back with the Tackey & Tsubasa fever. I'm so weird. Lolz. I mean, Ho! Summer was like an August release, and I'm supposed to be over with that fever already. Then that day I was arguing with Alda about Bishies and I just out of no where said TAKKI! AND TSUBASA!

Ehhh~ So erh, since I'm back with the tackey and tsubasa fever, I rewatched Ho! Summer PV and screencapped this for the fun of it.

I think no one will actually analsy what I screencapped tho, HAHAH~

Ho! Summer!

I need somone to explain to me, what weird dance T and T are doing. LOL.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Pawing Taki.

And...... He felt embaressed about the pawing around. I'm glad you noticed how funnie it was~

Tsubasa comes back from the sundry shop with a pack of dunno-what.

Aww so sweet of Tsubasa to feed Takki with an BITTEN apple of his!

Tsubasa: Ne, Takki, orange! Eat!

Tsubasa: Ne takki! Banana! Eat~

Takki: Aw crap! Tsuabasa! Stop feeding me with fruits!
Jeslene: Tsubasa dear, why are you going to the beach with fruits? Picnic I understand but... with bananas, oranges and apples?


That was crap.


Wait before I run, I shall declare I still like Pi-chan, I still like Xie Zhi, and I'm still in the Mike He fever. HAHAHA.

*runs away finally*