Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thanks for coming home

What I do at work:

These lol.

and they are all WORK okay.
My boss wanted these.
I did like 9 of them, all different stuff.

I am soooooooo handicapped without photoshop, I downloaded it on my work laptop.


How can my bosses not love me? XD


I woke up from a short dream a few moments ago.
I headed back to sleep after waking bf up, and he was on the train.

During the duration of his journey, I fell asleep.

And I dreamt of my dog.
So real.
I saw him running around my living room,
just like he always did when he was still around.

I thought I was having an illusion.
YA LAH in my dream I thought I was having an illusion.
Which probably meant I was pretty clear headed while dreaming.

I picked him up,
and he talked to me.
He didn't like, open his mouth or what lah, he didn't speak.
But I could hear what he wanted to tell us.

I hugged him,
and he went to look for my brother.

He played around his old desk which used to be in place of his current bookshelves.

He looked at me.
I asked, is it time for you to leave?
We will see each other again right?

Yes, I heard in my heart.

He ran to the living room.
My mum was there.

I heard my mum say "I told you he'll come back!"

He walked into the kitchen, where he sleeps.
And there, he disappeared.

I woke up.
1 min later, my BF called.
I cried.

BF went: "I told you he'll be back!"

I called my mum.
She said, at least we know now he's in a good place.

It may just be a dream.
But I choose to believe it.

Thanks for coming home babyboy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Be right back for taiwan trip updates day 4 + 5 <3

我好像有飞蚊症耶 =(











我娘快紧张死了。 她也有飞蚊症,不过她的是眼角膜退化。


Friday, July 23, 2010

Layout Ahoy!

A change of layout since the old one was said to be all jumbled up in IE.

Its so white I can't stand it.

Maybe I should turn it black.

Okay I changed it to black.
Gosh this looks much better.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jeslene the cheapo is back again.

Do you know what this is?

Its not a bath toy.
Yes its a sponge.

Its a hair curler wakakakaka.

These sponge curlers come in various designs,
and since I thought strawberries growing on my hair sounds cuter than pink balls growing out of nowhere,
I got the strawberries one.

Not only they are cute,its an alternative way to curl your hair, other than using hair iron curlers.

Even though I use Ceremic Hair Iron Curlers (Watsons one works damn well for me)
It's still putting heat on your hair = drying your hair up.

So I was thinking,
since people were saying that these sponges work wonders,
and its like $3plus for a pack of 6,I got them.

Basically you wet your hair a little (say 10percent wet?)
You roll portions of your hair into the sponges,
You go to sleep.
it stayed on all night, even though I flipped and turned and all.

The next morning,I was pretty amused.

And these curls lasted for super duper long.
I read on the net that her curls lasted till the next day.

Who knows these sponges can give you the same curls you get with irons?

Growing strawberries doesn't seem that bad now, does it?


Remembered I organised a Summer Spree on

Its here this morning!

Ultra highness.
The spree took a total of 11days.
Which was pretty average for an overseas spree.

Items were true to pictures.
Prices are good.
Shipping is pretty affordable.

I see a spree 2 coming.

My furry sweater rocks, from spree too.
Though it isn't soft fur,
it keeps me super warm.

Perfect for Genting trips LLALALALA!

Anyone keen to join the next spree? =D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I admit.


Day 4+5 of TW Trip yet to update.
So I better finish up all the random stuff happening recently lol.

Blog, please stay alive haha.

Here goes the randoms!

My tiny weeny lobster grew this big.
It used to be like THISBIGONLY.

Now its THIS BIG.

Kids grow fast.

We celebrated belated birthday for my lover Kai Lin!
I think 4 months before I thought of going to this buffet place at Beach Road.
The last time we went was without Tong & Kai Lin.

And since my dearest Birthday Girl is a big eater, nothing's better than a buffet.
But I am so not creative.
Last year was Seoul Garden.

Love this picture!
It contains all the people I love!

YuanYang Double Soupbase!

2 hotplates to ourselves.
I kept whining for Chinese Cabbage.
Cause when you cook them in soup for some time, it gets all soggy and soft.


In the end Raymond asked for the staff to refill the cabbages.
And BF automatically went to fetch cabbages for me.

Om nom nom.

The buffet was spiced up with gifts from my Bestie Yan!
Fortune cookies!

My fortune went like: "You will not fulfill goals just by turning the fields in your mind."

Does that mean I should you know,
make TheJaspe a proper instock fashion thing?

BF got something that says that he didn't need to put in much efforts for social connections.


To spoil ur appetite next:

Freaking flying roach.
It was resting on the top of my fan.
My fan was rotating right.
The roach was hitching a ride.

Bro spammed insecticide and the crazy roach flew.
And fell into my pile of clothes.


We used sticky tapes to stick it up from the floor and threw it away.

Cheap shopping:

$15 acidwash maxi!
Ultra love it!

I think I'm crazy about Maxis.
I have got like 6 of them.

Bestie's very early birthday present to me from Aussie!
She got Joel to bring it back to SG.

No wonder she's my bestie.
She knew my style damn well.

Oh, and those booties I'm wearing?
Its velvety leather on the outside.
Damn comfy!

Leaking has got a pair too!
$25 <3

Another pair of heels I've got for work.
Stilettos with zipper which is like purely for deco lol.

But damn worth the $10.
Yes its only $10.
Not of bad quality.
Sales rock.

Mad love my romper too.
Taiwan haul <3

I'm a born cheapo.

Spree items are on the waaaaay.
More for me to busy about!

And to think I just bought makeup online.

It's really amazing when you realise you would never get enough of each other,
even though its been more than a year,
even though chat everyday without fail.

Jes loves you, BF!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

We went back to the animal hospital ground that sunday...
To put Bingo's picture up,
along with his favourite kiwi toy.

It was a sunny day,
we miss him dearly,
we know he'll always be a part of our family.

We love you, dear doggy.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I don't know is it that I didn't have time to update,
or I just don't know what to update about.

I still miss my dog very much.
But my family and I are coping much better.

BF is back from reservist,
and he is having his last match next Tuesday.

As for me,
I've been busying myself with a spree I've planned to organise,
and is now closed with $178bucks of orders & they are like 3KG.

I wonder how I am supposed to drag the cartons home when the items arrive.

I hope everything goes smooth now.

Loves, everyone.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

This morning after I woke up,
I walked into the kitchen like how I do everyday.

But someone is missing.

Most of my friends are aware,
that I lost a family member yesterday.

My beloved dog, Bingo.

He was yelping in pain in the morning,
and we actually planned to take him to the vet again yesterday morning.

But he collapsed onto the floor, breathing hard.
Fluids flowed out of his mouth.

We rushed him to the hospital,
only to know that if we put him through treatment,
he would have to be in long term pain.

Bingo is 13 years old this year.
That's probably 80~90years old in human years.
It breaks our hearts to see him suffer so much.

He's only a small animal.
He's not like us humans, whose body can tolerate more pain.
It hurts even to see a needle sink into his flesh,
which already happened that time we brought him to the vet.

I could still remember the yelps of pain when he had to do that injection.
And his blood oozing out from the wound.

So the vet gave us another choice:
To put him to sleep.

We cried.

The decision is so hard.

Its like his life & death was in our hands.

we don't know how to put our family member to sleep.
Neither do we want to watch him suffer so much pain on his tiny body.

My mum called my dad in Malaysia.
He asked to talk to me,
and he said,

"Bingo is old already. Putting him through treatment not only brings him more pain, it also does not guarantee he would recover at all."

That says it.
The doctor agreed it would be painful for him,
and there's no guarantee he would recover as well.

The decision is made.

Mum signed a form.

And we were taken to a private room.

Where there he was,
standing upright,
looking at us as if nothing happened earlier.

Just like our Bingo.

The only sign that he wasn't alright,
was that he was panting & breathing hard - the syndromes before he collapsed that morning.

Suddenly I felt like I didn't want to let him go away.

I kept telling myself not to cry in front of Bingo.
He would know something is wrong.
But somehow, I think he did know.

We asked for some food and water, because he didn't have his breakfast.

And he ate.

And I couldn't control my emotions at all.
Neither could my mum & bro.

This is hard,
really hard.

We hugged him, kissed him, stroked his fur, told him that we love him.
Because we knew after this, we wouldn't be able to anymore.

The doctor came.

She injected into a pipe attached to Bingo's leg.

And he fell asleep, slumped against my brother's arms.
He stopped breathing heavily,
just soundly asleep with calm breaths.

And he'll sleep his way to the skies above.

Home was empty.
The moment the door opened,
I had the urge to call for Bingo.
Like I always do when I come home.

His cage is empty.

His kiwi toy that I got for him was on the floor, his owner gone.

We'll bring it over for him, to the place where his ashes would rest.

BF called after his outfield.
He too, was shocked & speechless.
He really wanted to call me before, but he couldn't due to circumstances.

Friends & Bosses asked if I was okay.
I said yes, but maybe I'm need more time.

BF called again to ask if I'm alright.
I told him the whole story.
He sighed, again and again.

"Why is this so sudden?"

I knew he was very upset too.
He loves Bingo, as much as we all do.

At least we knew he led a happy life.
The jumpy, bouncy puppy who grew up into a dog who didn't think he was an adult.

live well in Heaven.

Watch over everyone who loves you.

Even though there are times you really irritate the hell outta me,
I can't seem to get angry at you for long.
You're not a pet to us.

You are our family.

Sweet dreams, my babyboy.
We love you.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Taiwan Day 3!

No I didn't forget about updating about my trip.
I was just too lazy/busy/whatever excuses to update LOL.

Oh better than never, so here we go!

We started day 3 with Wu Fen Pu.
And I didn't take any pictures lol.
Reason being, I was busy shopping, and it was like 5 times bigger than our Bugis Village.

Plus the fact that they are doing stock distributing on Mondays & Fridays (we went on a Friday)
They hardly had time to entertain us.

But I managed to get shirts for BF & I, Maxi for Yan & Misc stuff =)

And we then walked along the streets towards the train station for our next destination.

Oh randomly,
their traffic lights give you 90seconds to cross.

Did someone asked about Viewshow 威秀?
Its something like a cinema with shops around, like Cathay?

But no this is not our destination.

Xin Guang San Yue!
Super alot of shops and this is only a part of the building.
Its like a pedestrian crossroad path, and you get surrounded by 4 shopping malls.
All of them belongs to Xin Guang San Yue.

Along our way, we spotted this girl playing Jazz Percussion on the streets.
She was dammmmmn good.

Here's a video of her playing to Poker Face in XiMenDing:

I can never play percussion perfectly, so I'm envious!

Mum and dad stopped to look at a handicapped man's works.
It's flour figurines, and my mum fell in love with this:

Tigger lol.
Its cute what!

And if you checked previous entries, I was asked to take a photo with a girl from Tai Da for a challenge lol.

And finally, our destination nears:

TaiPei 101!

But we didn't go up the tower, cause it was a little on the expensive side,
and my aunt said it wasn't worth it.

But we did went into the mall for a looksee.

101 mascots products.

And we arrvied at Eslite, which to me was like Kinokuniya x 2 distributed into 5/6 floors.

Loads and loads of books,
which Bro took a very long time to select.I sat on the cushioned seats and started reading Sophie Kinsella's book LOL.

Soon it was night time,
and we were stunned by the pretty night view around us.

One thing about SG, is that you'll never get to see Neon Lights.

And Taiwan is filled with them.

Taipei 101!

And a building before it lights up, and after.

We decided to have dinner in Eslite itself, and ended up in a western teppanyaki place.

They were having promotions for their steak so we decided okay, eat here. lol.

Onion soup.
Mum & Dad chose Pumpkin soup, which is like my enemy.

I do no like sweet soups.
Corn soup is okay, but pumpkins are really sweet!
I hope someday no one would come out with Chocolate soups or something.


Steak, with 2 sauces on each side.
Mashed Pumpkin side again.

Garlic bread in background.

That pretty much ended our day, and we cabbed back to the hotel.

A random Arowana I saw in the CityHall station in Taiwan.


I stayed over at BF's place on Sat due to some unforeseen circumstances
And on Sunday,
We went Prawning with Leaking & Raymond lol.

And after,
it was BF's match.

He's my IDOL!

He did really well on the court,
and though we lost by a tiny 2 pts, it was a great match.


And now I'm left with no bf for the rest of the week due to reservist.


Loads of loooooove!

I feel like getting a corset tube for 33bucks.