Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thanks for coming home

What I do at work:

These lol.

and they are all WORK okay.
My boss wanted these.
I did like 9 of them, all different stuff.

I am soooooooo handicapped without photoshop, I downloaded it on my work laptop.


How can my bosses not love me? XD


I woke up from a short dream a few moments ago.
I headed back to sleep after waking bf up, and he was on the train.

During the duration of his journey, I fell asleep.

And I dreamt of my dog.
So real.
I saw him running around my living room,
just like he always did when he was still around.

I thought I was having an illusion.
YA LAH in my dream I thought I was having an illusion.
Which probably meant I was pretty clear headed while dreaming.

I picked him up,
and he talked to me.
He didn't like, open his mouth or what lah, he didn't speak.
But I could hear what he wanted to tell us.

I hugged him,
and he went to look for my brother.

He played around his old desk which used to be in place of his current bookshelves.

He looked at me.
I asked, is it time for you to leave?
We will see each other again right?

Yes, I heard in my heart.

He ran to the living room.
My mum was there.

I heard my mum say "I told you he'll come back!"

He walked into the kitchen, where he sleeps.
And there, he disappeared.

I woke up.
1 min later, my BF called.
I cried.

BF went: "I told you he'll be back!"

I called my mum.
She said, at least we know now he's in a good place.

It may just be a dream.
But I choose to believe it.

Thanks for coming home babyboy.

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