Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jeslene the cheapo is back again.

Do you know what this is?

Its not a bath toy.
Yes its a sponge.

Its a hair curler wakakakaka.

These sponge curlers come in various designs,
and since I thought strawberries growing on my hair sounds cuter than pink balls growing out of nowhere,
I got the strawberries one.

Not only they are cute,its an alternative way to curl your hair, other than using hair iron curlers.

Even though I use Ceremic Hair Iron Curlers (Watsons one works damn well for me)
It's still putting heat on your hair = drying your hair up.

So I was thinking,
since people were saying that these sponges work wonders,
and its like $3plus for a pack of 6,I got them.

Basically you wet your hair a little (say 10percent wet?)
You roll portions of your hair into the sponges,
You go to sleep.
it stayed on all night, even though I flipped and turned and all.

The next morning,I was pretty amused.

And these curls lasted for super duper long.
I read on the net that her curls lasted till the next day.

Who knows these sponges can give you the same curls you get with irons?

Growing strawberries doesn't seem that bad now, does it?


Remembered I organised a Summer Spree on

Its here this morning!

Ultra highness.
The spree took a total of 11days.
Which was pretty average for an overseas spree.

Items were true to pictures.
Prices are good.
Shipping is pretty affordable.

I see a spree 2 coming.

My furry sweater rocks, from spree too.
Though it isn't soft fur,
it keeps me super warm.

Perfect for Genting trips LLALALALA!

Anyone keen to join the next spree? =D

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