Monday, July 05, 2010

Taiwan Day 3!

No I didn't forget about updating about my trip.
I was just too lazy/busy/whatever excuses to update LOL.

Oh better than never, so here we go!

We started day 3 with Wu Fen Pu.
And I didn't take any pictures lol.
Reason being, I was busy shopping, and it was like 5 times bigger than our Bugis Village.

Plus the fact that they are doing stock distributing on Mondays & Fridays (we went on a Friday)
They hardly had time to entertain us.

But I managed to get shirts for BF & I, Maxi for Yan & Misc stuff =)

And we then walked along the streets towards the train station for our next destination.

Oh randomly,
their traffic lights give you 90seconds to cross.

Did someone asked about Viewshow 威秀?
Its something like a cinema with shops around, like Cathay?

But no this is not our destination.

Xin Guang San Yue!
Super alot of shops and this is only a part of the building.
Its like a pedestrian crossroad path, and you get surrounded by 4 shopping malls.
All of them belongs to Xin Guang San Yue.

Along our way, we spotted this girl playing Jazz Percussion on the streets.
She was dammmmmn good.

Here's a video of her playing to Poker Face in XiMenDing:

I can never play percussion perfectly, so I'm envious!

Mum and dad stopped to look at a handicapped man's works.
It's flour figurines, and my mum fell in love with this:

Tigger lol.
Its cute what!

And if you checked previous entries, I was asked to take a photo with a girl from Tai Da for a challenge lol.

And finally, our destination nears:

TaiPei 101!

But we didn't go up the tower, cause it was a little on the expensive side,
and my aunt said it wasn't worth it.

But we did went into the mall for a looksee.

101 mascots products.

And we arrvied at Eslite, which to me was like Kinokuniya x 2 distributed into 5/6 floors.

Loads and loads of books,
which Bro took a very long time to select.I sat on the cushioned seats and started reading Sophie Kinsella's book LOL.

Soon it was night time,
and we were stunned by the pretty night view around us.

One thing about SG, is that you'll never get to see Neon Lights.

And Taiwan is filled with them.

Taipei 101!

And a building before it lights up, and after.

We decided to have dinner in Eslite itself, and ended up in a western teppanyaki place.

They were having promotions for their steak so we decided okay, eat here. lol.

Onion soup.
Mum & Dad chose Pumpkin soup, which is like my enemy.

I do no like sweet soups.
Corn soup is okay, but pumpkins are really sweet!
I hope someday no one would come out with Chocolate soups or something.


Steak, with 2 sauces on each side.
Mashed Pumpkin side again.

Garlic bread in background.

That pretty much ended our day, and we cabbed back to the hotel.

A random Arowana I saw in the CityHall station in Taiwan.


I stayed over at BF's place on Sat due to some unforeseen circumstances
And on Sunday,
We went Prawning with Leaking & Raymond lol.

And after,
it was BF's match.

He's my IDOL!

He did really well on the court,
and though we lost by a tiny 2 pts, it was a great match.


And now I'm left with no bf for the rest of the week due to reservist.


Loads of loooooove!

I feel like getting a corset tube for 33bucks.

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