Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I spend more time on twitter than blogging these days.
Then again, it has always be that way lol.

there were quite some good news around me.
Happy, I am for them, but I can't help but be dubious.But aiya, as long as they are happy then okay looooooo.

A pity I can't make it for Ting Jie's wedding =(
But I wish her happiness though!

Spent the whole day at BF's place,
so other than seeking comfort on his bed with a cup of hot coffee by my side,
We did practically nothing else lol.Unless you count staring at hamsters.

The one on the bottom left is cute lol.

Went JP to get Bingo's supples.
Dog food & pet milk.
He refused to eat this morning.
Heartache =(

Hopefully milk will make him more willing to eat!



Filler lah.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bored, waiting for BF to come home to gossip with me after his basketball session.

I'm having cramps now,
but my trusty hot water bag decided its too old and gave up on containing anymore hot water.
There were 2 giant holes, one at the side and the other at the base.
So nope, no comfort for me =(

On the brighter side,
cramps now means tomorrow will be a better day,
cramps during work is nothing but a killer.

My mood was supposedly okay,
until I overheard this conversation between my brother and mum.
They aren't talking in secret or whatever,
but I got a little pissed at my brother.

He was telling my mom,
he wanted to get better internet connection with a higher speed.
My guess is that its really expensive, cause my mum gasped.
So my mum commented that when he starts working, she'll no longer pay.

And he went on and on about things he had to pay blah & blah.
& ended with: "And so Jes has to pay also what."

Yes, I HAVE to pay one day.
Of course I'm aware.
I just dislike the way he always digs into my parents' money for his own advantage.

Like getting a new PC.
Like getting high end computer parts.
Like getting a new internet connection.
Like telling my mum to sign onto a certain plan and get a laptop, which now belongs to him. (I've never used it once)


Okay end of complaints.

I'm trying to think of a good way to make sure my dear cramps give me a break.

BF is home!
I just finished complaining to him.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Men or Women, never easy to be a human.

I guess I just went through a very difficult time of my own.
It came and went within minutes.
My heart was alive, then it became dead, and suddenly its beating again.

I wonder,
how much of these can I take on?
Actually, com what may, I can handle them.
Its whether or not, I'll give up.

Your heart tell no lies.
Your brain is the one telling you lies.
When blood rushes to your brain, you do the first thing you think.

Instincts, they say.
Humans are animals, thus animal instincts.
You get defensive when bad things come your way.

You end up doing things that your heart didn't want to.

Saying is always easy.
Talk is cheap.

"Listen to your heart."
"Think before you do or talk."

Everything takes time.


Don't be upset or disappointed anymore.
There's more to do.

The worst temper you give, is usually towards the people you love most.
Because you know they would understand, and forgive you.

This entry shall serve as a reminder,
not to be possessive or selfish.
Listen to my heart, and ask myself "is this really what you want?"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This sentence kept nagging at me:

"Friends are people you might not get to meet up much, but are kept in your mind all the time."

Its just like how I see some korean guy and he reminds me of dear Alda.
Or when I see Shao Wei lol.
I knew her for what, 6 years?
We finally met when she came to Singapore.
& I still miss her loads!

& Xuan, who I seriously hardly meet.
But everytime I think my face is fat, I'll be like "sheesh can I have a small face like Xuan?"

& my Bestie,
I think I've only met up with her less than 15 times this year.
Cause she's in Aussie now.

But whenever I meet Leaking up, we'll be talking behind her back LOL.
Like how super her head rotating skills are.
Nothing bad lah hahaha!

sometimes little things make me think of the friends around me.
Even though life is hectic,
I don't get to see anyone of them,
or make any efforts to meet up,
but when we do meet up one day,
we'll still chat like we've never parted.

SuKit and I were on msn just a moment ago,
he told me Fanny asked if I wanna go karaoke.
I haven't seen Fanny since like 2 or 3 years ago?
But I love that girl.
I hardly get to see Carissa or Sukit or Gab.
But well, for some reason we're always comfortable with not meeting, but being concerned about each other.


I'm not exactly sociable.
I'm only totally a silly goon when it comes to people close to my heart.
I ain't really friends with the 300plus people on my facebook account.

But I'm contented.


For now I'm glad with have people who know how I operate lol.
And of course, a doting BF (Who i just fought with yesterday lol)

What is yours, will always be yours.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Randoms to update =)
So let's save the header notes lol.

Wanted to cook fried rice that day, but ended up cooking fried chee cheong fan.
This is one of those easy to cook stuff in my brain when I'm lazy.

Ever cooked once for BF,
and I mms-ed him saying "you'll still marry me as long as I know how to cook this right?"


Feel like cooking curry and stuff these days.
But no point cause I'm eating alone.

Used prawns & egg for the above.
Prawns came from my prawning catches.
The meat is bllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuue!

A little scary cause they're glaring up at me thought they're dead =\

Spot the difference!
Best you can't spot any cause the three of them have the same printed bermudas.
And the bag too.
All camo prints =.=

I told leaking I'll join their crew if there's camo prints shorts.

Was out shopping @ town with Leaking yesterday!
It was a long time since I went there, the last time was with Bestie before she went back to Aussie.
That's like what, before Chinese New Year?

We went crazy in Forever 21 @ 313.
Shopping is always good with girls. Lol.

We walked from 313, to Far East Plaza.
How could it be?

Liz Lisa is a japanese brand, and very famous too!
But the floral prints + chiffon + gold buttons...
And it has a Liz Lisa tag too, exactly the same!
But selling for 50SGD.
So I was guessing its not authentic.

But gosh I sooooooooooo dig it.

Was munching on Mentaiko rice crackers today.
It tasted like...
Well, spicy salty rice crackers.
Yet another disappointment lah, dear Daiso!

Forever 21 & Bugis village buys.

Oh, Raymond got shoes for both Leaking and I!
So nice of him lol.
A pair of wedges for me, and snake skin strappy sandals for Leaking.
He said: "are you her friend? My friend? YES? Then shut up ok!"

I paid him 20cents so he won't run away!
(U know, the saying that buying shoes for someone will result in him/her running away?)

filler entry.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

I had a hella load of fun today~

But I don't have any pictures.

Loved ones always make my day, totally.

We went prawning today.
& I managed to convince Tong & my cousin Cheryl to come along.
Oh the joy.
Leaking took half day today, so I've got my entire cheerleader squad with me hoho.

I'm addicted to prawning!
I think soon I'll start fishing too hahaha.
But that I'll have to depend on BF to transmit me some pro-ness.

I had over 20 catches today, and my BF is proud of me.
So easily satisfied one haha.

But it rained in the late afternoon,
and I totally just teared up cause of the lightning.
Sheesh I'm that afraid okay.

Once I was walking down Pasir Ris towards Yan's house,
suddenly lightning struck onto the pavement, less than 1 metre away from me.

Tell me how not to be scared?
Poor BF & Leaking had to sayang me, di siao me, until I laughed.

After the rain subsided,
we finally took a bus to BF's place.

I should have took a photo,
You know those plastic storage boxes?
My BF's family punched a hole in the middle of the cover,
and placed hamsters inside.

& when you look in,
the hamsters look up.

Its freaking cute to see like 7 of them with the same beady eyes & face staring back at you.

Dinner @ coffee shop near my place!
6 dishes for Zi Char, shared among 6 humans.
Ended up we paid only $8 each.

I'm pretty tired now!
BF fell asleep already.

But I must really scream about having great friends & loves.

I have something to complain about him.
You know what's my 11th Monthsery present from this human?

Initially we were both napping on the bed.
I got up cause I wanted to give him more space.
So I sat on the floor by the side of his bed.

Out of nowhere, he flipped and totally just ELBOWED ME IN THE HEAD.
I stared at him, stunned.
He sayang-ed my head and went back to sleep.


Okay done.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random updates!

I brought my dog, Bingo to the vet yesterday.

My dearest maltese terrier here is already 13 years old.
Meaning, he's an old old dog.

The reason why we brought him to the doc,
was cause he had this overgrown tissue, aka tumor on his front paw.
It was the size of a fishball.

But one thing is that although he had that growth,
he was still very active for a 13yr old.

Other than that,
he had some skin problems, that magnified since young age.

We took a cab to a vet near us,
cause we can't possibly walk all the way there, its 10 streets away after all.

Bingo was very obedient, that I'm proud of him.
Cause he hadn't been on a cab since quite some years ago.
All he did was sit upright on my lap and stare at the window.

@ the vet,
at first he was fine with the few dogs in the room.

But then after, another dog came in and he had a tiff with it.

I ordered him to sit and calm down.
Which he did for a while, thus the picture above.
He buried his head between my bro's leg and mine.

But soon after the other dog started barking,
Bingo didn't want to lose.
And he barked all the way.

Couldn't calm him much,
and in the midst of calming him, he scratched my chest area.
My mum decided to carry him and he stopped.

The doc cut his tumor off.
Gosh I wanted to cry cause he was bleeding!
And he was howling in pain and it hurt me so much to see him in pain.

He was fine after, walk and running all around but I still wince at his wound.

Antibiotics make him tired.
So he's pretty restless.
I hope everything would be ok.

End of story!
Random events these day:

My mum went to Desaru for and day and she brought back a baby DURIAN.


I had dinner @ Jap Village with wifey!
They increased the price!
But we had fun nevertheless!

& this is my gift to Mr BF.
Its a Ferrari mouse!
When plugged in, the lights are super pretty!
Blue at the front, red at the back.
And the scroll changes colour.

I hope he likes it!

We had another fight recently.
I always wonder why we fight before our monthsery.
The last month was hectic.
Super duper.
I had so many neg thoughts, I thought I would die under it.

But it always proves to be okay.
Just like what the horoscope thingy said,
"Peace & harmony, but when fighting everything seemed doomed."

But love you baby.
I really do.
I just wanna hope for the best.
For us, for all in love.

Cheers to that! =)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2: My dearest beloved

My dearest popo:

I hope you're doing well, wherever you are.
Its been two years.

Everyone in the family is doing okay!

The little baby you've once worried about is now an energetic boy!
He can't stop giving us high fives, just like a superstar!

Although you left before you could see him grow, we'll watch over him for you.
And when he's older, enough to understand about his childhood,
we'll tell him, those pair of arms that carried him belongs to his grandmother.

& that she'll always love you.

We had our second reunion dinner at the same steamboat place.
We used to have it at your house.
I remembered how warm & cozy it felt.

I spent a major amount of my childhood days there.
You brought us to Sim Lim Square, before it was even selling electronics.
You prayed for us at the GuanYin Temple.
Iluma was once my brother's school.

We used to send him off to lesson by trishaw!
It was only $1 then.

Even as I grew older,
I go shopping at Bugis Village & my legs ache like crazy,
there's always your house where I can rest, sit like a siao char bor and still get your love.

although I can't visit your place anymore,
the emotions are still right here with me.

My dearest popo,

that day I spotted a family sending their loved one off,
at the exact same place where we did.
A gush of emotions flowed.

I felt like crying.
I missed you.

As I stood before you today,
I realised,
there were alot of things I wanted to update you about.

You haven't seen Sky.
But somehow I think you knew about him.

There are so many more things to say.
This entry could go on and on.

But one day, I know.
We'll meet again.
And then, you'll have to listen to me okay?

I love you!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I haven't been updating~
And I said I would~

But I was pretty lazyyyo~

So I better update now before I get lazy again!


BF & I went fishing! Pasir Ris Fishing Pond!
Poor Leaking was unable to join us cause she was called back to her office!
Stupid lo, she worked from 9am till like what, 7pm!
And she will not be paid OT!
Just have hours to claim!


Oh well.

BF and I just went ahead with lunch and then we started fishing @ 3pm.

And he soon caught his number 1!
At least 2-3kg I think.

I wasn't the one who ferried the fishes around you know.

It took sometime before the second catch...
But after that it was a breeze!

BF with another catch.

Oh my mum and dad came to look-see!
And my dearest mum knew I would get excited at my parcels, so she brought it over.

It was the present I ordered for our anniversary.
He still doesn't know what it is.
I won't let him bribe me this time.

Anyway a pair of butterflies landed on mum's bag and started to mate there.
Mum was horrified, I tried to pull them off but they refused to bulge.

Mum flicked them and they landed on my dad's shirt.
And finally dad flicked them off.

Please don't have sex on us, dear butterflies.

Baby is happy.

So yup, final count.
3hours, 5 catches.

Can say we had a great day.

Cabbed home, showered and out for dinner with Leaking & Raymond!

Lack of bf's pictures in my blog.
So I shall post more.

Dinner @ Manpuku!
B's chicken cutlet Omurice.

And my white fish Omurice.
Not very nice.
Chicken cutlet seemed better.


And camwhores with my wife.

Reason for rubbish pictures?
Cause I brought my camera out.
It works faster than my Pixon.

The end.


Visiting my popo tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


But I totally forgotten about them.
You know women, once they get into a mood swing, nothing matters.

I can, is, will, shall, am so gonna update....


I guess?


Got excuse one!
I'm very tired now, to the extent I cabbed home from Boon Lay...
West back to east okay.
Even the cab uncle said: "wa, very NEAR hor!"

But I had a wonderful day!
My bf pampered me with kitkat.
Kit kat only! But enough, cause he knows I love chocs.

I asked him to bring me shopping and he said OK!
Say only, but I'm happy for that moment.

We had a hella day trying to relocate the Yamato Shrimps.

Now they are in the shrimp tank outside.
I hope they don't end up nomnom-ing on my fire red shrimp frys.
Wait, are they fire red or cherry shrimps?

I'll check tomorrow. lol.


Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happiness in a pinhole

Little things that make me happy:

Rebonded hair = No mess, no frightening gf waking up beside you.

Hair colour got more contrasted, not too bad either for an old dye.

The new girl in BF's house, who doesn't like BF cause he frightened her.
She loves me, leaking & her food.
Yes we are all in the same category as 'Food'.

Spot the Winnie the Pooh!

He who suggested to have Mos Burger for dinner cause he knew I loveeeeeeee it.

Friends who gives me the most weird expressions when the camera is pointing at them
= <3

Ready to camwhore, anytime, anywhere.

With a BF who stuck tongue out when I complaint he had no other expression.

And with a stuffed animal looking as if its drunk.

What more can I ask for?

Saturday, April 03, 2010

I've been reading zodiac stuff, and randomly I saw this:

Aries and Libra

This combination has a good success rate! The Libra brings romance and warmth to the union and the Aries will find this irresistible. It also gives the fiery Aries somewhere to relax, for Libra has a wonderful welcoming and calming touch that the Aries could really benefit from. If these two find they are on the same cultural and intellectual level then there is nothing else really that can stand in their way. These two will be out a lot, enjoying each others company and seeing the sights together. When they are in they will enjoy cooking and eating with one another. This Air and Fire sign combo are defiantly good for one another. All I will say is this. Sometimes this relationship may seem perfect, and when an argument arises it may seem doomed. Don't despair, just try and cool off and remember that everyone, no matter how perfect they are, has bad days and this is not a sign that you are not made for each other. It's the fact that you two connect so well that will keep you going. Good Luck and Enjoy!!

Well, how true can this be?

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Cheapo Beauty Junkie 2

So okay, I've done the cheapo beauty junkie post once before.

Recently I went to try other stuff and decided to write a review.
Women unite what.

Actually I don't know what I'm phrasing, I'm very tired right now.
So let's hope I make sense for the reviews!

Dodo Palgantong Theatrical Powder in Original Beige

This little baby is now selling in SASA, John Little, Watsons.
And maybe even other places which I haven't checked.

Comes in 2 shades (Heard there's 3 shades retailing in stores now)
Original Beige & Light Beige

It is said to be able to:

Give you the slimming effect, due to 3 dimensional effect cause by light reflection
Long-wearing: Resistant to sweat, oil
Oil absorbent
Does not block pores

So well, it was much raved by the online beauty junkies so I decided to give it a try.
And I dragged dear tong into it as well lol.

On first application, I felt like throwing the sponge away.
It was stiff & hard. But now I got used to it hahaha.
But I suggest using a face brush.

I use it as a loose powder, and well the effects are pretty okay!
It does give a little pearly shine, and it looked pretty natural.
I liked it cause it didn't look cakey, but instead, clear.

Sometimes when I'm lazy, I just use concealer & no foundation.
Then I dust this powder on.
Works fine =D

The one I've got is the 10g one.
Small & handy, but enough for me to last a few months!

Sasa, and departmental stores, watsons are selling it for pretty much 13bucks and above.

Go get it online!
There's tons of instock sprees on the livejournal communities!
Mine cost me $5 onllllllllllllly! (Not including handling & postage, but it wasn't expensive anyway)

Skin 79 Super Triple Function BB Cream in Hot Pink

This is my new love!
I'm not much of a BB cream person, but since it came cheap, and my Mum wanted to try it as well, I got it through online and ta-dah!

Functions of this BB cream includes:

Triple Functions: Whitening, Anti-wrinkles, Moisturizing
Corrects skin tones throughout time
SPF 25 PA ++

My personal experience with this BB cream:

That fateful day the BB cream arrived at my place, I was rushing like mad to head out for a gathering with my friends on my BF's birthday!
You can probably imagine how oily and smudgy ugly I was.

My mum was excited to open the package, so I quickly did, and decided that since I had no time to touch up, just smear the BB cream lah!

The colour of the cream when it came out of the bottle was like greyish beige?
I was damn skeptical.
But shortly after, it became the tone of my skin, and hoho, my face wasn't that oily anymore!
I slapped on loose powder and went out.

3 hours later, the BB cream didn't melt.
It was still intact, and still looking fresh!

There was a reddish scar on BF's cheek, and I dabbed a little on his face.
The redness was concealed. It didn't disappear but it was very much less noticeable!

But well, it wouldn't be able to stay for one whole day la.
But if you touch up, it should be fine! =)

Most places are retailing this for $30+
But I'll suggest buy it online!
I got mine for $17 for the full bottle!

Don't get SHILLS!
I've read reviews, cheap yes but quality is argh-omg-cannotmakeit.

You know, online shopping rocks my world.

Any questions, tag me =)