Thursday, April 15, 2010

I had a hella load of fun today~

But I don't have any pictures.

Loved ones always make my day, totally.

We went prawning today.
& I managed to convince Tong & my cousin Cheryl to come along.
Oh the joy.
Leaking took half day today, so I've got my entire cheerleader squad with me hoho.

I'm addicted to prawning!
I think soon I'll start fishing too hahaha.
But that I'll have to depend on BF to transmit me some pro-ness.

I had over 20 catches today, and my BF is proud of me.
So easily satisfied one haha.

But it rained in the late afternoon,
and I totally just teared up cause of the lightning.
Sheesh I'm that afraid okay.

Once I was walking down Pasir Ris towards Yan's house,
suddenly lightning struck onto the pavement, less than 1 metre away from me.

Tell me how not to be scared?
Poor BF & Leaking had to sayang me, di siao me, until I laughed.

After the rain subsided,
we finally took a bus to BF's place.

I should have took a photo,
You know those plastic storage boxes?
My BF's family punched a hole in the middle of the cover,
and placed hamsters inside.

& when you look in,
the hamsters look up.

Its freaking cute to see like 7 of them with the same beady eyes & face staring back at you.

Dinner @ coffee shop near my place!
6 dishes for Zi Char, shared among 6 humans.
Ended up we paid only $8 each.

I'm pretty tired now!
BF fell asleep already.

But I must really scream about having great friends & loves.

I have something to complain about him.
You know what's my 11th Monthsery present from this human?

Initially we were both napping on the bed.
I got up cause I wanted to give him more space.
So I sat on the floor by the side of his bed.

Out of nowhere, he flipped and totally just ELBOWED ME IN THE HEAD.
I stared at him, stunned.
He sayang-ed my head and went back to sleep.


Okay done.

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