Sunday, April 18, 2010

Randoms to update =)
So let's save the header notes lol.

Wanted to cook fried rice that day, but ended up cooking fried chee cheong fan.
This is one of those easy to cook stuff in my brain when I'm lazy.

Ever cooked once for BF,
and I mms-ed him saying "you'll still marry me as long as I know how to cook this right?"


Feel like cooking curry and stuff these days.
But no point cause I'm eating alone.

Used prawns & egg for the above.
Prawns came from my prawning catches.
The meat is bllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuue!

A little scary cause they're glaring up at me thought they're dead =\

Spot the difference!
Best you can't spot any cause the three of them have the same printed bermudas.
And the bag too.
All camo prints =.=

I told leaking I'll join their crew if there's camo prints shorts.

Was out shopping @ town with Leaking yesterday!
It was a long time since I went there, the last time was with Bestie before she went back to Aussie.
That's like what, before Chinese New Year?

We went crazy in Forever 21 @ 313.
Shopping is always good with girls. Lol.

We walked from 313, to Far East Plaza.
How could it be?

Liz Lisa is a japanese brand, and very famous too!
But the floral prints + chiffon + gold buttons...
And it has a Liz Lisa tag too, exactly the same!
But selling for 50SGD.
So I was guessing its not authentic.

But gosh I sooooooooooo dig it.

Was munching on Mentaiko rice crackers today.
It tasted like...
Well, spicy salty rice crackers.
Yet another disappointment lah, dear Daiso!

Forever 21 & Bugis village buys.

Oh, Raymond got shoes for both Leaking and I!
So nice of him lol.
A pair of wedges for me, and snake skin strappy sandals for Leaking.
He said: "are you her friend? My friend? YES? Then shut up ok!"

I paid him 20cents so he won't run away!
(U know, the saying that buying shoes for someone will result in him/her running away?)

filler entry.


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