Thursday, April 01, 2010

Cheapo Beauty Junkie 2

So okay, I've done the cheapo beauty junkie post once before.

Recently I went to try other stuff and decided to write a review.
Women unite what.

Actually I don't know what I'm phrasing, I'm very tired right now.
So let's hope I make sense for the reviews!

Dodo Palgantong Theatrical Powder in Original Beige

This little baby is now selling in SASA, John Little, Watsons.
And maybe even other places which I haven't checked.

Comes in 2 shades (Heard there's 3 shades retailing in stores now)
Original Beige & Light Beige

It is said to be able to:

Give you the slimming effect, due to 3 dimensional effect cause by light reflection
Long-wearing: Resistant to sweat, oil
Oil absorbent
Does not block pores

So well, it was much raved by the online beauty junkies so I decided to give it a try.
And I dragged dear tong into it as well lol.

On first application, I felt like throwing the sponge away.
It was stiff & hard. But now I got used to it hahaha.
But I suggest using a face brush.

I use it as a loose powder, and well the effects are pretty okay!
It does give a little pearly shine, and it looked pretty natural.
I liked it cause it didn't look cakey, but instead, clear.

Sometimes when I'm lazy, I just use concealer & no foundation.
Then I dust this powder on.
Works fine =D

The one I've got is the 10g one.
Small & handy, but enough for me to last a few months!

Sasa, and departmental stores, watsons are selling it for pretty much 13bucks and above.

Go get it online!
There's tons of instock sprees on the livejournal communities!
Mine cost me $5 onllllllllllllly! (Not including handling & postage, but it wasn't expensive anyway)

Skin 79 Super Triple Function BB Cream in Hot Pink

This is my new love!
I'm not much of a BB cream person, but since it came cheap, and my Mum wanted to try it as well, I got it through online and ta-dah!

Functions of this BB cream includes:

Triple Functions: Whitening, Anti-wrinkles, Moisturizing
Corrects skin tones throughout time
SPF 25 PA ++

My personal experience with this BB cream:

That fateful day the BB cream arrived at my place, I was rushing like mad to head out for a gathering with my friends on my BF's birthday!
You can probably imagine how oily and smudgy ugly I was.

My mum was excited to open the package, so I quickly did, and decided that since I had no time to touch up, just smear the BB cream lah!

The colour of the cream when it came out of the bottle was like greyish beige?
I was damn skeptical.
But shortly after, it became the tone of my skin, and hoho, my face wasn't that oily anymore!
I slapped on loose powder and went out.

3 hours later, the BB cream didn't melt.
It was still intact, and still looking fresh!

There was a reddish scar on BF's cheek, and I dabbed a little on his face.
The redness was concealed. It didn't disappear but it was very much less noticeable!

But well, it wouldn't be able to stay for one whole day la.
But if you touch up, it should be fine! =)

Most places are retailing this for $30+
But I'll suggest buy it online!
I got mine for $17 for the full bottle!

Don't get SHILLS!
I've read reviews, cheap yes but quality is argh-omg-cannotmakeit.

You know, online shopping rocks my world.

Any questions, tag me =)

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