Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't know what's wrong with me.

Yesterday, after BF came home from basketball and we were on the phone as usual.
He had to hang up, have his dinner etc.
So okay, we did.

I forgot what I did after.

BF called me back and when i answered, I blurted all sorts of unknown stuff to him.
He told me I said things like:

"Huh what you doing." (I didn't even say hi.)

(BF asked what am I doing instead.)

"Huh, what are you doing?" I asked again.

This went on and on, then he suddenly said "B YOU OKAY NOT!"

Then my brain suddenly worked and I asked him what happened.

My mind cleared all of a sudden, and I asked BF what happened to me.

He said I sounded like I was possessed or something, giving him answers that didn't sound like me.
But I really, really have no memories of what I did, or said!

Other than being possessed,
My guess is that I fell asleep, and groggily answered the phone.
Maybe I thought it was morning already and I forgot to wake-up-call bf, which I did forget yesterday.

And I think i meant to ask him why so early, instead of what you're doing.

Some times I think I'm pretty stupid.
Or scary.

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