Sunday, March 07, 2010

I went prawning again.
With a BF like Sky, I go fishing/prawning pretty often haha.

Met Leaking dearest up and we trained to Boon Lay to meet BF up.
We were gossiping darn alot.

Had breakfast at Mcdee's.
But there were too many humans in JP's Mcdee's.
Supply couldn't go with demand.
Staff can't handle everything.

Did I mention I hate JP's Mos Burger?
I always have to wait like 8mins for my takeaways, even if its just a pack of fries.

Okay, enough of complaints!
We cabbed to Jurong Hill and settled down.
Only us, and a other couple prawning there.

And BF took out the worst bait ever, in ladies' dictionary.


I asked BF, what's that?
He said, their house loh!
I was like what, they have houses like that?
Are those mud?
Or cocoons?

I think its just moist tubes lah.

Bf the hero snipped the tubings and pried the worm out.
And it looked like this.
Stretched out and moving.
It posed for me.


Then what's more eyeer.

They became like this.

BTW, one piece, supposedly the head, was still moving.
Leaking and I were like @#$%^&*.

But yeah.
We prawned with it.
And when BF was busy and couldn't attend to me,
the girls just hook the bloody worm by themselves.
I suppose the brown liquid on my hands were the blood.


But anyway.
I caught a fish.
In a prawning pond.

BF say I lagi best.

How I know I'll be fishing instead of prawning!
I was standing there calmly then suddenly my rod got pulled.
Instincts told me to pull it up and when I did I stunned.

Fish =.=

But well anyway, BF has got 30plus catches.
I don't know, perhaps 15++?

Back to his place to shower then out for dinner at Tampines with Raymond & Ben joining us.

Ray, Leaking & BF then headed back to my place for crap session till 1140pm.


I'm ending my entry here cause I'm hungry and I want my dinner nao.

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