Monday, March 01, 2010


Which woman, attached, married, in love.
Whether they are straight, Bi, or lesbian.

Tell me, which woman don't feel that insecurity at least once in their relationships?

I recently have friends who got attached.
3 of them.
All of them told me they felt insecure even though they know their men love them.

So I said,
Throughout those 9 months of being attached to BF,
I am STILL, insecure.

We just had a major fight about this issue yesterday.
The usual, Jealousy.
I do not like it when another female takes another look at him (ONE LOOK IS ENOUGH OK!)
I do not like it when he looks at another female. (tell me, who does?)
I do not like it when another female touches him, be it a featherlight poke.
Unless you're his mother, his sister, or at the very least someone I know.

And being the very stubborn Jeslene Lee, i defended my points with:

"Will you like it if YOU are in my shoes?"
"Would you like it if I allow other men to do the same?"

And ta-dah. the fight just fired up.

Honestly, I never wanted to build the tension up.
But it felt like, to get my point straight at an enraged man, I had to yell it back.

Gosh I know!
I know jealousy is one of the 7 deadly sins!

I do understand,
He knows what he is doing,
But I just can't help my mood from dropping.

But butbutbutbutbut, if this can help a little,
I was in PMS mood.

*Heaves a huge sigh*

I am possessive lah okay, I admit laaaaaaaah.
What to do when I love this guy so much, I wanna swallow him whole!

But anyway.
The whole saga ended with "Sorry lah b."

I also sorry lah.
Just didn't say only.
Wait for you to come home and look at my blog lah okay!
I lovelove you deepdeep like goreng pisang alibaba japanglang okay!

Tell me, how not to get jealous please.
I need to like, have some good lessons about it.

I think I need temper management too.


And PMS stopper.

I just hope I can stop being so insecure sometimes.

Maybe women are indeed more emotional.

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