Friday, March 05, 2010

I'm the nurse for the day.
Nurse, not to help the humans.

But nurse to Mr Ong's Arowana.

Poor baby had out flipped gills.
We listened to advices and decided to cut the open gills into strips so that it can heal.

But before that, we had to make it fall asleep.

Do you know there's anesthesia for fishes as well?
BF scooped the fish outta the tank, and within 30drops of the drug, it gently flipped, with it's tummy facing up and fell asleep.

I know it sounds super scary to have a fish with tummy facing up.
But it was breathing calmly.

Then slowly, gently, BF started the operation.

Below is a vid I took during the op!

The baby is fine, by the way.
We placed it back into the tank and it regained consciousness pretty much within 5mins.

We continued the day by going fishing at Jurong Lake Park jetty!

They fish, I play Itouch and enjoy the breeze.

I spent the day having cramps.
Super cramps.
I ran out of pain killers so i had to bear with the pain until I get home.
Thank goodness for a loving BF.

Which reminds me, BF got a me a gold chain bracelet for my belated Vday present.
Real gold =)

He woke early just to go get it, and surprise me.
And due to that he was pretty sleepy and while we both were having a nap,
he had his arm and leg over my body, thus I couldn't move,
and he took up so much space, when I woke up I realised I could fall by just flipping around.


I'll be seeing him on sat for prawning!
Can't wait.
And erh, yes that's my new hobby. HAHA.

Will rest my day tomorrow.
Crampy body needs loads of rest!


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