Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Sky my baby dancing flower lol.


I remembered last year you invited me to your 21st birthday at your place.
But I didn't go, cause it was too far, and what for I go to the other side of SG alone to celebrate the birthday of someone whom I hardly know?


Yeah I know you were disappointed.

But this year!
Not only I'm celebrating for you.

So are my friendszzzzzz! :

We'll make sure you have a fantastic cake mask on your face.

And make sure you know you're 22 already.
No more kid hor ah b.

And yes, Big candle stands for 10, and small stands for 1.
This silly bf of mine doesn't know what does the candles stand for.

This also stands that we knew each other for more than 1 year already.
And after we fell in love,
till now we're still in love,
and till the end hopefully you'll still try to carry me down tall steps like you always do, cause I'm afraid of heights,
even when you're old and wrinkly.

Happy birthday, my baby!

I know I'll always love you!


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