Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My life is just a random.

So this is a day of my random life:

Met Leaking up, and since my bro and kaiqi are heading to Bugis, we went there together.

Lunch at Ichi Tei @ Sunshine plaza.
Not too bad, Miso Soup is a plus point.
Kaiqi had 2 bowls of it!

My Teriyaki Salmon.
Lovesssss it.

We went for a shopping trip after that and came back with tons of loots!
Some pictures after all the food XD

Met Kailin, Soon wai and Ching Ling for Soonwai's belated birthday!

Ding tai feeeeeeeeeng!

Kailin's very random glass noodle with taupok.

Prawn dumplings.

Oh my xiao long bao!
<33333333333 max!

And erh, the ladies weren't satisfied, so off we went for Cafe Cartel's 9pm 50% off:

My dear ching insisted to spread butter on my bread for me,
and she mixed NY Cheesecake on it.
Cause they are about the same colour.

I went off first cause I'm meeting BF.
It was already 930pm.
But yeah, we make time for each other even though we'll only see each other for an hour.
Our east <-> west relationship lol.

Shopping rocks my world!

Cotton On bodycon dress.
On saaaaaaaaaaale. $10!

And a stripes dress from Bugis village.
$10 too hahahahaha.

I've got loads more stuff from trades too.
Guess I'm blessed like that!

This is a filler entry,
ala the random style.


I saw a funeral at the exact same place my grandma had hers in Bugis.
I had that pang of emotions that moment.
I know its not very respectful to stare.
But I just couldn't help it.

It felt like it all over again.

I miss her!
I had this dream before Yuan Xiao, that my chorchor, ahgong and grandmother were around.
And my chorchor said, to be peaceful and happy is the most blessed.

How true.

Have got tons to do tomorrow,
And my baby's off day is coming soon!
Can't wait XD

Tons of love peeeeepoleeee!

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