Thursday, March 11, 2010

I can has many legs to stand on many boats

After Tiger, comes Jack Neo.
1 woman speaks up, the rest realised they can do the same.

That day I read on the papers, that according to a 100people research,
92% of men thought Neo should be forgiven.

And the chinese saying goes: "全天下男人都会犯的错。"
Translated: A wrong doing all men might commit.

So I asked BF that day.

"How many women will be needed for a single man?"

He said: "HOW I KNOW! I'm not him what!"

He even told me not to think he is in the same pack of wolves just cause he's a man.
Oh well lol.

Honestly after reading the news,
I have that walaos-why-like-that-how-to-have-faith-if-i-read-these-all-day feeling.

Then again, its not up to us to choose to forgive him or not.
It lies with his wife.

So, zip zip public.
Though we all know we loveeeeeeee gossips, as long as they don't happen on us.

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