Sunday, March 14, 2010

Haven't got the energy to write up an entry to be published during midnight this time.
So here's one,
to note and remember what happened since the last month we said "Happy Month-sery" to each other.

Last month was nothing but chaos.
True chaos that caused a riot.
we cried so much I could open a saltwater aquarium.
My room door has no lock now, because it was broken into.

I thought it was all over that time.

But somehow we held together.
Just somehow, something held us together.
Till now, I don't know what it was.

Perhaps its the fear of not knowing who to love after.
Perhaps its the need and want to love no one else.
Or maybe, it was just love, and that we know without each other, nothing can do.

my mind was in a blank when I thought of life without him.
I tried thinking but it just wouldn't do.
I will then start to feel sleepy and off to take a nap.

I know it sounds cheesy lah.

Don't know why I love this guy so much,
when his definition of giving me comfort when I cry,
is to use a pillow and keep tickling my chin till I get irritated and bite him.

And bringing in my hamster & dog onto my bed when both animals hadn't got their baths yet.

& he can't even give me a proper hug when I cry!
He'll hug me, and slap the back of my head multiple times till I scream at him.

Whatever lah.
Stupid dog.

Thank you for making an effort to call and ask for help to resolve what happened yesterday.
Even though we didn't celebrate, like we planned to,
and ended up eating KFC with my parents.
Its okay, we're fated to grow fat together.

its the 10th month together!
And another 2 more to mark the 1st year.
Seemingly short.
But there's more in life to go.

I love you!

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