Thursday, March 18, 2010


Warning: This is another filler entry.


I can explain!
First, I have nothing to update about!
No events no nothing, because nothing can be more significant than the upcoming stuffs!

here's it, I'm going chalet-ing this coming Sunday with my family, and BF.
We'll be celebrating his birthday on an earlier date, with a BBQ while at the chalet.
Then, after we check out on the 23rd, 25th March would be BF's birthday itself.
And he's having the day off.

So there you go, two march events.

I would have added personal events into those above (like u know, when my menses is scheduled to arrive) if I'm groggily enough but heng I'm only typing this entry 2 hours after I woke.


Filler pictures too.

My baby girl.
She's not very baby already I know, but I love her to bits.
She's the one who connects with me most among the three I have.
She has weird habits like sleeping on top of the water bottle. My dad once told she suffocated there but actually she's just sleeping lah.

I poked her and she woke up.

The other 2 are crazy kids.

Been using my samsung S860 camera all over again these days.
I've been neglecting it ever since I've got my Samsung Pixon Pink.
But I'll need it for chalet cause Pixon runs out of batteries pretty quickly.
And Pixon's shutter is a little sloooooow.

I know I look terrible here.
But bf's double eyelids very thick here.
Where did MINE go?

And the reason why my hair looked that way is cause I tied it to the other side.

How long was it since I last took a picture without my glasses?

Convince me to get contacts.

I'm going to Taiwan on the 16th June - 21 June!
Then one week after I get back, BF's gonna reservist till July.
Told him to miss me.

Would be bring my netbook along, cause I'll miss him, I need the msn, and in case we need to check details on the net, we have the netbook.
It so happens that my netbook is the smallest portable pc-related device around in my house.


I don't know when the next entry would be.
But lalalalalalala =D

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