Monday, April 26, 2010

Bored, waiting for BF to come home to gossip with me after his basketball session.

I'm having cramps now,
but my trusty hot water bag decided its too old and gave up on containing anymore hot water.
There were 2 giant holes, one at the side and the other at the base.
So nope, no comfort for me =(

On the brighter side,
cramps now means tomorrow will be a better day,
cramps during work is nothing but a killer.

My mood was supposedly okay,
until I overheard this conversation between my brother and mum.
They aren't talking in secret or whatever,
but I got a little pissed at my brother.

He was telling my mom,
he wanted to get better internet connection with a higher speed.
My guess is that its really expensive, cause my mum gasped.
So my mum commented that when he starts working, she'll no longer pay.

And he went on and on about things he had to pay blah & blah.
& ended with: "And so Jes has to pay also what."

Yes, I HAVE to pay one day.
Of course I'm aware.
I just dislike the way he always digs into my parents' money for his own advantage.

Like getting a new PC.
Like getting high end computer parts.
Like getting a new internet connection.
Like telling my mum to sign onto a certain plan and get a laptop, which now belongs to him. (I've never used it once)


Okay end of complaints.

I'm trying to think of a good way to make sure my dear cramps give me a break.

BF is home!
I just finished complaining to him.


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