Saturday, April 03, 2010

I've been reading zodiac stuff, and randomly I saw this:

Aries and Libra

This combination has a good success rate! The Libra brings romance and warmth to the union and the Aries will find this irresistible. It also gives the fiery Aries somewhere to relax, for Libra has a wonderful welcoming and calming touch that the Aries could really benefit from. If these two find they are on the same cultural and intellectual level then there is nothing else really that can stand in their way. These two will be out a lot, enjoying each others company and seeing the sights together. When they are in they will enjoy cooking and eating with one another. This Air and Fire sign combo are defiantly good for one another. All I will say is this. Sometimes this relationship may seem perfect, and when an argument arises it may seem doomed. Don't despair, just try and cool off and remember that everyone, no matter how perfect they are, has bad days and this is not a sign that you are not made for each other. It's the fact that you two connect so well that will keep you going. Good Luck and Enjoy!!

Well, how true can this be?

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