Saturday, April 10, 2010

I haven't been updating~
And I said I would~

But I was pretty lazyyyo~

So I better update now before I get lazy again!


BF & I went fishing! Pasir Ris Fishing Pond!
Poor Leaking was unable to join us cause she was called back to her office!
Stupid lo, she worked from 9am till like what, 7pm!
And she will not be paid OT!
Just have hours to claim!


Oh well.

BF and I just went ahead with lunch and then we started fishing @ 3pm.

And he soon caught his number 1!
At least 2-3kg I think.

I wasn't the one who ferried the fishes around you know.

It took sometime before the second catch...
But after that it was a breeze!

BF with another catch.

Oh my mum and dad came to look-see!
And my dearest mum knew I would get excited at my parcels, so she brought it over.

It was the present I ordered for our anniversary.
He still doesn't know what it is.
I won't let him bribe me this time.

Anyway a pair of butterflies landed on mum's bag and started to mate there.
Mum was horrified, I tried to pull them off but they refused to bulge.

Mum flicked them and they landed on my dad's shirt.
And finally dad flicked them off.

Please don't have sex on us, dear butterflies.

Baby is happy.

So yup, final count.
3hours, 5 catches.

Can say we had a great day.

Cabbed home, showered and out for dinner with Leaking & Raymond!

Lack of bf's pictures in my blog.
So I shall post more.

Dinner @ Manpuku!
B's chicken cutlet Omurice.

And my white fish Omurice.
Not very nice.
Chicken cutlet seemed better.


And camwhores with my wife.

Reason for rubbish pictures?
Cause I brought my camera out.
It works faster than my Pixon.

The end.


Visiting my popo tomorrow.

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