Sunday, April 25, 2010

Men or Women, never easy to be a human.

I guess I just went through a very difficult time of my own.
It came and went within minutes.
My heart was alive, then it became dead, and suddenly its beating again.

I wonder,
how much of these can I take on?
Actually, com what may, I can handle them.
Its whether or not, I'll give up.

Your heart tell no lies.
Your brain is the one telling you lies.
When blood rushes to your brain, you do the first thing you think.

Instincts, they say.
Humans are animals, thus animal instincts.
You get defensive when bad things come your way.

You end up doing things that your heart didn't want to.

Saying is always easy.
Talk is cheap.

"Listen to your heart."
"Think before you do or talk."

Everything takes time.


Don't be upset or disappointed anymore.
There's more to do.

The worst temper you give, is usually towards the people you love most.
Because you know they would understand, and forgive you.

This entry shall serve as a reminder,
not to be possessive or selfish.
Listen to my heart, and ask myself "is this really what you want?"

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