Sunday, April 11, 2010

2: My dearest beloved

My dearest popo:

I hope you're doing well, wherever you are.
Its been two years.

Everyone in the family is doing okay!

The little baby you've once worried about is now an energetic boy!
He can't stop giving us high fives, just like a superstar!

Although you left before you could see him grow, we'll watch over him for you.
And when he's older, enough to understand about his childhood,
we'll tell him, those pair of arms that carried him belongs to his grandmother.

& that she'll always love you.

We had our second reunion dinner at the same steamboat place.
We used to have it at your house.
I remembered how warm & cozy it felt.

I spent a major amount of my childhood days there.
You brought us to Sim Lim Square, before it was even selling electronics.
You prayed for us at the GuanYin Temple.
Iluma was once my brother's school.

We used to send him off to lesson by trishaw!
It was only $1 then.

Even as I grew older,
I go shopping at Bugis Village & my legs ache like crazy,
there's always your house where I can rest, sit like a siao char bor and still get your love.

although I can't visit your place anymore,
the emotions are still right here with me.

My dearest popo,

that day I spotted a family sending their loved one off,
at the exact same place where we did.
A gush of emotions flowed.

I felt like crying.
I missed you.

As I stood before you today,
I realised,
there were alot of things I wanted to update you about.

You haven't seen Sky.
But somehow I think you knew about him.

There are so many more things to say.
This entry could go on and on.

But one day, I know.
We'll meet again.
And then, you'll have to listen to me okay?

I love you!

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