Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I spend more time on twitter than blogging these days.
Then again, it has always be that way lol.

there were quite some good news around me.
Happy, I am for them, but I can't help but be dubious.But aiya, as long as they are happy then okay looooooo.

A pity I can't make it for Ting Jie's wedding =(
But I wish her happiness though!

Spent the whole day at BF's place,
so other than seeking comfort on his bed with a cup of hot coffee by my side,
We did practically nothing else lol.Unless you count staring at hamsters.

The one on the bottom left is cute lol.

Went JP to get Bingo's supples.
Dog food & pet milk.
He refused to eat this morning.
Heartache =(

Hopefully milk will make him more willing to eat!



Filler lah.

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