Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random updates!

I brought my dog, Bingo to the vet yesterday.

My dearest maltese terrier here is already 13 years old.
Meaning, he's an old old dog.

The reason why we brought him to the doc,
was cause he had this overgrown tissue, aka tumor on his front paw.
It was the size of a fishball.

But one thing is that although he had that growth,
he was still very active for a 13yr old.

Other than that,
he had some skin problems, that magnified since young age.

We took a cab to a vet near us,
cause we can't possibly walk all the way there, its 10 streets away after all.

Bingo was very obedient, that I'm proud of him.
Cause he hadn't been on a cab since quite some years ago.
All he did was sit upright on my lap and stare at the window.

@ the vet,
at first he was fine with the few dogs in the room.

But then after, another dog came in and he had a tiff with it.

I ordered him to sit and calm down.
Which he did for a while, thus the picture above.
He buried his head between my bro's leg and mine.

But soon after the other dog started barking,
Bingo didn't want to lose.
And he barked all the way.

Couldn't calm him much,
and in the midst of calming him, he scratched my chest area.
My mum decided to carry him and he stopped.

The doc cut his tumor off.
Gosh I wanted to cry cause he was bleeding!
And he was howling in pain and it hurt me so much to see him in pain.

He was fine after, walk and running all around but I still wince at his wound.

Antibiotics make him tired.
So he's pretty restless.
I hope everything would be ok.

End of story!
Random events these day:

My mum went to Desaru for and day and she brought back a baby DURIAN.


I had dinner @ Jap Village with wifey!
They increased the price!
But we had fun nevertheless!

& this is my gift to Mr BF.
Its a Ferrari mouse!
When plugged in, the lights are super pretty!
Blue at the front, red at the back.
And the scroll changes colour.

I hope he likes it!

We had another fight recently.
I always wonder why we fight before our monthsery.
The last month was hectic.
Super duper.
I had so many neg thoughts, I thought I would die under it.

But it always proves to be okay.
Just like what the horoscope thingy said,
"Peace & harmony, but when fighting everything seemed doomed."

But love you baby.
I really do.
I just wanna hope for the best.
For us, for all in love.

Cheers to that! =)

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