Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I better finish all the Taiwan updates lol.
Its been more than a month!

We went to the Taiwan Zoo.
Animals hate us.
So they gave us this:

Thanks ah Koala Bear.
They didn't wanna turn and face us at all =((

Oh well.
At least entrance fee is cheap.
3bucks SGD only.
Why is SG's zoo so expensive? =\

Whose swing is this?

The ever famous PANDAS!
But fml, they don't love me either.

I wish I could sleep all day too.
Maybe if I'm endangered or something I'll get this treatment.


We left our Taipei hotel to take a train to Rui Fang the next morning.

It was nightmare in the train.
Maybe it was cause of the weekends, that's why many humans are taking the train.

We stood for 1 hour plus in a sardine packed train,
and struggled with our luggage.

But what awaited us was breathtaking,
I didn't really cared about the train ride anymore.

We arrived at Rui Fang (love the name, cause it contains my name XD)
And took a cab towards Jiu Fen, where we would be staying over at an English Cottage.

Our English Cottage 民宿 is named 八番坑 Pa Fen Keng.

Website: http://www.8fankeng.com

Why the free advertising?
Because the people there were great.
Everything was great in this English Homestay Cottage.

The center door leading towards our room.

On the 2 sides of the door, is the sitting area where breakfast & teabreaks would be served, complimentary.

What I totally loved about this place,
is that it's really cozy,
and it felt like home so much.

The owners of the cottage is more than just nice.
They treat you like true friends, and help with no hidden intentions.

Other than having to climb to the 3rd floor with our luggage (my luggage was 4kg fml)
Everything about this place is LOVE.

Small, cozy yet spacious enough for a family of four.
I love the sofa, I think I can sink into it and watch TV all day.


Ladyboss recommended us to try this little place selling beef noodles for lunch.
It's located near the entrance of Jiu Fen Old Streets,
and the food is great.

Grass Jelly & Pearl Ice.

Slurrrrrrrrrrrps Beef Noodles!

View from where we were.

Jiu Fen Old Streets is my 2nd favourite, after ShiLin Night Market.
Small narrow walkways,
yet people are patient enough to make their way through the crowds.

Then I realised,
humans get influenced easily.
If you're pek cek enough and you chiong your way through the crowds,
the people around would also get irritated and they do what you did - CHIONG AH!

I wasn't the least bit irritated navigated through the streets.

Loads of interesting stuff along the way.
Including this Tikam Tikam!

The highest prize was this 3000NT thing.
And dad told me to try my luck.

I got the 3000NT prize card!

...But I have to have 5 of those cards fml.
We gave it to a local over there lol.

Doggy who didn't believe my dad would give him food lol.

Dogs there are interesting max.
We saw one giant dog trying to hump a tiny chihuahua,
their owners were terrified lol.

We saw a stray being adopted by a shop owner,
and he loves butt pats, taiwanese sausages & can do tricks.

These are ear digger sticks!

Peace Bells, which I got 1 for myself, and the other for BF.

We went back for tea, and rested in our room till late afternoon, when the ladyboss offered to drive us to Ji Long Night Market!

Lady in black is the ladyboss, she bought food for us <3

Ji Long Night Market is filled to the brim with food!
Not much of clothes though!

We tried this random seafood store and were disappointed max.

Oyster Garlic Tofu...

Roasted Pork...

And these Alaskan Butter Crab claws cost 20bucks.

And its not nice one.


But anyway,
after we got back to the cottage, we sat in front of the TV and ate all the food we got from the night market lol.

Dad got happy chatting at the lobby with the owner of the cottage and friends.

Next morning, we packed up and left to wait for the cab which Ladyboss rented for us.
We paid $200 bucks for a tour by the driver uncle who drove us around, showed us the best places before driving us towards Tao Yuan Airport which if we took a normal cab will cost us 100bucks anyway.

Pig Blood Soup!
I missed the texture of it so much!
Grandmother used to cook them for us before it was banned in SG =(

Behind lies my Braised Pork Rice, 1freakingdollar.

Fried noodles which cost us only 2bucks.

Fried rice for $2 as well, and its super nice!

On the way, we stopped by this Guan Ti Temple.
It has one of the biggest statues of Guan Ti.

Guan Ti blesses his followers with fortune, good luck in businesses & spirit for a good fight.
I prayed to him before we left =)

We arrived at the seaside,
where stones were washed away by the waves.
And here is the result!

My dad is so mini there lol.

Hardly have got any pictures with my dad and I lol.

A waterfall that has got the whole riverbed dyed into a shade of yellowish gold.

This is due to a substance that's generally called the Fake Gold.
It looks exactly like Gold Minerals, but instead of being hard, its highly vulnerable & even melts in water.

These substances after melting flows with the waterfall, and therefore dyed the land into this colour.

But careful tho, they are poisonous!

Look at the gold in the flow of the water~

Of mountains with a name:

The Earless Teapot Mountain.
Cause it looked like a teapot, but without the handle lol.

The Pregnant Beauty.
From the right: The face, the chest, the tummy.

The Gorilla Mountain.
Spot the face!

The YingYang Sea.
It got its name due to the difference in colour.
And the goldish thing?
The fake gold lor.

It flowed into the sea, and thus the name.

We were then driven to Ye Liu, where the Ocean Park was.
But we didn't go there.
We went somewhere else:

With sand, stone, ocean.

To take erh....

Okay fine we went there to see this famous stone, formed by Mother Nature.

The Queen Head.
My picture may not look like it, but check this out:

It is said to look like an English Queen's head.
Realise the difference in the pictures?
its 7 years apart and the Queen looks shorter now! XD

It was rather late after we made our trip to Ye Liu.
Our flight was at 7pm, so we had to leave.

Love how the oceans looks like its never ending.
Unlike SG, where you can see what's opposite.


We arrived at TaoYuan Airport and decided to have dinner at Burger King.

Self Service one, their burger king!
All the food are there, just pick, and pay at the counter.

But its nicer than SG's lo.

Boxes of gummies which I piled up into a pyramid without knowing.
I was on the phone with BF and when I realised, it's like that already heh heh.

We flew back to SG, and arrived at 12am.

Rushed home to see my dog.
I'm glad I gave him tons of love before he left us in July.


PS: Flight durations are perfect simmer-ers for couple fights. I was in an arguement with BF before my flight back to SG, and I turned my phone off cause I was angry and I had to board the plane anyway. 5 hours later he was okay already. LOL.

PSS: I went to Taiwan with one soft toy, and came back with 4. 1 is at BF's room, 1 is on its way to Aussie, and 2 are with me.

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