Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Its a normal day today.

Nothing much is happening, apart from the random usual arguments, and the make-ups after them.

Just have the urge to blog lol.

Its gonna be a busy week next,
All I have to do is to pass Monday, Tues & Wed,
and Thurs I'll be away from home.

Pretty much looking forward to events.

And it hits me,
kns I'll be 22 soon.

No wonder they said after you've gone through your 21st,
the years after will come running to you.


I get so happy when salesgirls think I'm 18/19 now.

Getting busy with The Jaspe.
But I'm loving it <3

Handling cramps now.
Not fun, but I'll conquer it by heading out later.


Told you I'm bored.

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