Sunday, August 08, 2010

Random updates:

I'm very much alive and kicking.

PMS-ed a few days last week, but well we're okay.
Very much okay, so I think there's a long way to go still!

Enjoying every bit of my weekend.

Fishing on Saturday.
BF reeled in 6 fishes, 2 of them were groupers (and currently in my freezer)

Told him to give me a bigger smile and he did this:

Mad cute.

Leaking, Cheryl and I were entertaining each other with SNSD, mindless chatter and of course, DSlite/Iphone games.

Leaking is the Boga Grip warrior.

Headed home, showered and out we went for dinner.

BF & I were wearing matching tees, but Raymond photo bombed us.
Look at those ringsssssssssss.

Dinner @ Ajisen, last minute decision but it made us mad full & happy.

On the way out of the mall, we were stopped by a photoshoot agent.
He asked if we were interested in taking wedding photos in Taiwan within 5 years.

And bf blurted out: "Sorry we're rushing home for movie."

But the only movie showing that day at that time was Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.
The agent must have thought we were silly.

Traveling again on the 19th - 21st, in the midst of the 7th Lunar Month, to Genting.

Call us brave, we aren't really, but we aren't guilty so we should be safe right?

I'm a cheapo,
this is not Chanel.

Its just an oversized tee with 2 splat of curvy paint that happened to look like C.

I got it for Genting trip.
Comfy and warm, that would do me fine.

Can't wait for tomorrow!
Though I'll be a good old curry chef in the night once more.
But I wouldn't mind =D

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