Thursday, August 20, 2009


I picked up this issue of the Newpaper yesterday at BF's place.
And when I read the title of the cover story, I got upset.

I hardly write about current affairs in my blog.
But this I must mention.

When I was working in National Heart Centre at the Infomation Counter,
An old man came and approach me.

Not for his prescription,
Not for asking which clinic to go.
Not for asking whether he can eat before his blood test.

He asked none of the common questions I encountered during my service period.

Instead he asked in Mandrian while rubbing his palms together with our handrub:

"Can I visit my grandson after my appointment?"

It didn't register in my brain until a little while later.
Oh yes, H1N1.
I remembered about my mum nagging at me to go shower right after I got home from work.

I told him,

"Yes uncle, you can, after you get a shower and disinfected yourself, you are safe, especially when you followed our instructions to put on a mask the moment you step into the Heart Centre."

He gave me a sad look.

"My son told me not to go to his place to see my grandson. He said I would bring germs to my grandson and infect him with something."

I was stunned.
I once again assured him about safety precautions and if he follows, nothing should be a problem.

"Maybe he's worried?" I said.

He shook his head and walked away after telling me this:

"When he needs me, I'm a treasure, when he doesn't, I'm nothing."

Looking at his retreating back,
I sighed.

I told the Nurse at the prescription counter about this.
She said its really sad, but that's the truth.

Reality hurts.

I always get that wrench in my heart when I see the elderly upset.

Ever since I lost my Grandmother,
I always have that thought.

I want my parents to live a happy, old ripe age.

My grandmother herself raised 5 children alone.
I am even proud to say, I have no grandfather.

After all her sorrows in life, I'm really glad she lived a happy life.
My uncle dotes on her so much.
And although she might be over demanding sometimes,
we still love her.

Recently, BF's Grandmother got caught in an issue.
I don't want to mention it here.
But it had something to do with what I'm discussing here.

How many people will have this thought:

"I don't want my children to do this to me when I'm old."

I know I would be able to hear truckloads of agreement.

I'm sure the elderly feels the same.

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