Monday, June 19, 2006

Im here to update, two days of hateful events...

Situation 1: Saturday.

Fly Kite

Windy afternoon, all fly my kite. So jeslene decided to go out alone.... Here comes the sub-situation.

Broken Glasses.

Yes, you saw it right, glasses broken. Well, not exactly, it was the frame that broke. Into half~ Whee... fuuun ehhhh~? SO~ Jeslene, being blinded, walked to the optician, with her brother's help, but she was still wearing high heels tho. Bleahz.

Got her frame changed, but still need time to file the lense so that it fits into the frame. So being blind, she decides to go eat something, buy a cake for fathers' day, then go cottage pies.

Imagine Yan's reaction.


Okay, so ya... on and on... nothing much to say.

Situation 2 - Sunday

Weird Customers.

Case one: Qi Yu Wu lookie alike.

orders expresso, sits down, talks to friend. Stood up, ask for creamer at the counter, so i gave him two packs which i took from another basket on the tables. When guy walks out of the cafe, Jeslene went to clear plates, only to realise there are 5 packs of dear creamers in the basket on that table.


Case two: Talkative auntie ann.

Whitesands regular customer, always forgets Jane's name. "aiya, such a simple name I still forget~" Jeslene was hungry, wanna eat yakun but I dunnoe how to buy, so must leave it to Jane. But Auntie starts talking to jane as she drinks her coffee, all the way until night towards closing.

Auntie's famous sentences:

"Girl *referring to me* You from what school? English or chinese sch (?) , ITE huh? Cleaver girl! O_o"

"Girl byebye ah, you so shy! (O_O)"

Jeslene's famous expression:

~.~ = 715 incident
O_O = auntie incident.



The end.

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