Monday, June 12, 2006

Those two ppl on my LEFT and RIGHT , typing to each other on msn right now. So funnie, hmph dun wanna tell me right, finnnne.

Nobody can spoil my mood today....

I hope?


Sorrie, I know very stupid... But ya, Im very happy now, because of incidents yesterday, and I'm waiting for july 14 to come... ^^ Very excited, don't know for what also.

Slaw-ber-li. *Read: Strawberry*

Curry's fault. Okay, I geuss today's major question is still carteen eh. Hmph.

Im darn bored right now, tt's why Im like blogging, cuz no one talking to me, Tong and Hui2 happily talking to each other... Curry behind slacking, and me, blogging.

Say you love me, ppl! Haha.



Dun throw bananas at me please.

*Jeslene ducks from all the bananas*

Ey? Duck?



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