Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010 dear people!

I was looking through the photos I took yesterday and I realised its not alot but more than I thought!


I didn't do much last night,
just went to downtown east to get a feel of the anticipation with Leaking, Raymond and my ah B.

Everyone except Ms TaiTai Lee had to work,
so I stayed home and waited for time to pass.

Met BF up at Tampines station with my Mum, and we accompanied him to get a hair cut and to get a DIY HairDye.

Haha, one of the best thing that happened in my 2009 which I forgot to mention in my last post,
My BF gets along very well with my family =)

I dyed his hair for him after dinner (slurps-lemonfish!)
and I went to dress up.

The dress I mentioned on my twitter,
selling 26bucks on Blogshops, but I got it at a steal.

Dragged bf in for a picture <3

The both of us then went to Tampines Mall to search for the other couple.
Apparently they were stuck in the Payment Q.
We dilly dallied around for like 30mins?

Kept joking about counting down in TM.
By the time they were done, it was 11plus.

Chose to take a bus to Downtown East.

BF got tulan-ed about a bunch of girls screeching and screaming opposite.
I kept having to fan him down.


We settled down at Burger King and we actually counted down there.

Apparently, my bro was in Burger King as well but LOL,
I didn't see him at alllllll.

we went home after the countdown, feeling like a brand new day.

I stayed overnight at B's place and on the train back, it was SO empty!
No one came into the cabin until CityHall.

We reached home around 140am and fell asleep around 230am.

Had to shake BF awake for work today.
Okay alot of people but WHY HIM!

Enough of whining.
I'll see him tomorrow and Sunday anyway.

Ohh, randomly

The last person I kissed on 2009: BF
The first person I kissed on 2010 was: Leaking (on her cheek)
The first person I hugged on 2010: Leaking

Cause she was sitting beside me and prone to my attacks!
BF was a table's distance away HEE.

Have a great year ahead!

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