Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its gonna be a brand new year in 11 hours time!
Every end of the year, I'll sit down and type what's the best and worst things that happened to me.

So I shall, this year.
(Which btw, I've been blogging in blogspot since like whao... 4 years ago?)

Let's start with all the miserable stuff:

The start of 2009 is nothing but crap.
I couldn't control myself, my thinking at all.
I could say, I don't wanna, but in the end I still did it.

In 2009, I sent my best friend away to fulfill her dreams.
I then realised its pretty upsetting to not have her around when I'm in the pits.

In 2009,
I didn't even thought of devoting myself to one.
Men were trash, period.

In 2009,
Friends come and go and this time, 2 of them drifted from me.
One said I made excuses to not go out with her when I accidentally posted pictures of my other outings and wrote "Today I went out with..." instead of "Yesterday" It was a typo on my side but she jumped conclusions so yeah.

The other,
is just pure sighs.

Aye, actually not much things leh!

Here comes my happiness!

I have more close friends now, including the usual bunch (kai, soonwai, ching, yan, tong, leaking), my babes who I don't meet up much (vaal & Kate can kill me.) My singing buddies (Sukit & carissa) as well as people who I don't meet much, but you guys still stalk my blog and fb without fail.


My Best friend is back from Aussie for holidays and gosh it felt terrific.
I finally have a shopping queen back with me!

On feb 14,
Someone decided he wanted to give chase for my heart, and he said that through the phone while prawninnnnnnng. At that time, I haven't even seen him in real.

On Apr 11,

we finally met up but well, someone was super duper late!
And he pissed me off somehow. haha.

Then on may 10, I got a ring on my finger.

May 14 it turned official.

Nobody else, but my Sky Ong.

And due to him, I gain tons of experience on fishes haha, basketball, fishing...
And I've been to all places in Singapore! (well, sort of)

Ad most importantly, I've never felt so secured, and so at peace with someone.

Indeed we do argue and sometimes the both of us break down.
Its more than just emotional torture.
We never fail to torture and push each others limits.

But somehow,
magically, things work out very much easily.
I see no one else, and he sees only me.

Cheesy, but true.

I'm so thankful for the people around me,
supports, and loves.

Those who made me miserable,
thank you too, for you made my loved ones even more precious.

I appreciate it =D

Its gonna be 2010 soon,
Happy new year people!

Let bygones be bygones!

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