Saturday, December 19, 2009


Back to update =)

*nods righteously*

Went for rehearsals for the Hometeam guide job.
Was with Bestie, my brother and his friends.
We kept saying its scam cause when we arrived at the said place, its empty hahahaha.
But no lah, its not lah.

We had to dance this dancealong mass dance.
It's a little funny, but somehow seeing everyone's doing the same thing, its quite fun.
Yan kept stepping on me.


Will be guiding a batch of sec school kids next year!
I love events!

At the venue.

Lunch at Clementi before the session!
Super yums cheap Jap food!
Yan and I spent 5bucks each for all above =D

I spent my day today with my wife, Leaking.
She's so used to me calling her Lao Po.

We went for short shopping at Bugis for christmas presents!
Gosh, I'm sooooooooo broke!

(Stares at bf for help)

Met bf up at his workplace, then we headed to his house for dinner.
cuddled my evening away lol.

he fell asleep soon after and i camwhored all the way.

lazy pig!


Cheek twitch agaaaaaaaaaain.

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