Monday, December 21, 2009


I just woke up.

I'm so so tired still so I shall stay home today.
Actually no lah.
Cause I calculated my Christmas spending will rise up to more than 100bucks.
I'm broke, really and totally.

I think I should rob the bank =D

Nah, I won't appear in the headlines tomorrow.

Was out yesterday with Leaking & Raymond.
Met them up at Plaza Sing for Daiso.

After lunch, baby suddenly told us to just go shopping first cause Raymond need to get something.

But you know lah.
When he lies I sure can see something.
So I told him, OK WE ACT WE DON'T KNOW K!

I'm nice like that =D

So leaking and I went to walk around and managed to get a shirt each from cotton on.
Then the guys called to tell us to strolllllllllllll to Daiso.
Where we found them inside and tadaaaaaa.

BF passed me 2 wrapped presents and honestly the first thing I thought was:

'WLAO, the gift wraps super expensive!'

I'm so not romantic.

Since baby refused to tell me what's inside, and he forbid me to open them before Christmas...
I told him to bring it home so I won't have the urge.

On the way to meet the guys up.
All the christmasy red in the background!

We headed to The Cathy's Ben & jerry's cause I had vouchers to spare!
So I treated everyone to ice-cream and brownies =D

Strawberry, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Macadamia.

BF looks super egg-cited.

A photo first before anything!

Kept complaining to BF we don't take as much pictures anymore.
So here's one.

I love you Baby!
Thanks for the presents (Which i still won't trade what I'll give to you for what's inside.)

We took a cab to Vivocity, cause the guys need to get more stuff over the Daiso there.
I thought girls love daiso, but guys do too.

Saw all the christmas light-ups driving pass us.
Like Chinggay!
Just that its very Christmasy.

Vivocity has a beautiful tree!

Couldn't resist posting multiple pics of it!

So yesssssss we went to daiso and afte which had dinner at Harbourfront centre.
And shagged we were, home we went.

On the train, there were two foreign workers sitting opposite me.
One of them was pointing the camera phone at me, and the other looked on.
You know when you usually sms and watch videos, you have the phone resting on your palms?
His phone was upright.

It sorta freaked me out, so we changed places soon after.
Maybe I'm too paranoid, but better safe than anything else.

Baby kept trying to bribe me to tell what I'm giving him for christmas.
But I didn't accept that bribe!

"If you tell me what you'll give me, I'll tell you what I gave!"

"No, won't tell. I already decided to see what you gave that day only already. Shhh stop trying to trade secrets!"

Silly yes?

Gonna have a small gathering with my Brother's friends on Christmas Eve,
and pasir ris park on Christmas day.
Cute hor.

I'm done with the entry and I'm hungry.

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